Edwina Searle

Script Coordinator/Assistant: 1995
Script Editor: 1995-1997; 2000-2001
Supervising Editor: 1997
Story Editor:

After completing a Bachelor of Arts, English Literature at Macquarie University, Edwina joined the Teletext team at the Seven Network. When a new network head was appointed, the Teletext team was moved to Brisbane in 1988. Edwina, wanting to stay in Sydney, joined Home and Away as a production assistant at the beginning of the new year.

For the next few years, Edwina worked in various production roles, before completing a script submission for the show and gaining her first script in 1994. It was only weeks later that Edwina joined the script department as a script assistant. Within the next few months, Edwina was promoted to script editor.

In 1997, Edwina was promoted to story editor, alongside Ray Harding and Greg Haddrick, whom she had worked closely with as a script editor. The following year, both Ray and Greg had left, and Edwina worked with Ray Kolle and later, Scott Taylor on a rotational basis of story editing, over editing and coming up with new story.

Edwina left the in-house team at the end of 1998 and returned for a brief stint as a script editor in 2000. She remained a consistent freelancer for the series until 2004 and wrote another script in 2010 under James Walker.

Following her time at Home and Away, Edwina wrote for Breakers, MDA, All Saints and Crash Palace. She was also part of three-strong team who developed a series called Buster for Ambience Entertainment in 2014.

Edwina currently sits as 17th most credited writer on the series, having 121 individual episodes crediting her as the writer.

Picture with thanks to Edwina Searle