Episode 5009

Australian Air Date: 11th February 2010
UK Air Date: 18th February 2010
Writer: Edwina Searle
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Xavier learns the truth about what happened to Romeo’s step-father. Geoff lashes out and then breaks Ruby’s heart. Leah reaches rock bottom.

Extended Summary

After Mink’s revelation, it is up to Romeo to explain the story to Xavier. His step-father was a violent drunk and a coward and he used to beat his mum, and one night it looked like he might kill her, so Mink whacked him with a cricket bat. It’s a difficult story for Xavier to digest, and Romeo has to explain that Mink told the cops she wanted him to die, which is how she ended up in juvenile detention. But it gets even harder when Mink later tells him it’s not the truth and that she actually killed her father to save Romeo, not their mum. When Romeo got older, he would provoke his Dad into beating him, to save his mother – if Xavier thinks Mink is tough, he has underestimated Romeo. Romeo is annoyed that Mink has told Xavier what really happened, but Xavier, as a good mate, wants to share Romeo’s ups and downs, and Romeo fills him in on exactly what happened on the fateful night. Romeo’s father had lost his job, and came home drunk and started attacking Romeo, who knew that if the beating continued, he wouldn’t survive. Next thing he knew, his father was on the floor, and Mink was stood over him with a cricket bat – the fatal blow coming from the corner of a coffee table as he fell, and not from Mink.

After repeated efforts to coax Leah out of her house, Rachel demands that Leah tell her what’s wrong. Leah finally admits that since the riots she’s terrified of everything, and hasn’t left the house in a week. Rachel suggests she possibly has a mild form of agrophobia, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Leah admits to Rachel that she feels guilty about what happened to Hazem and that she can’t even bring herself to talk to him on the phone let alone visit him. Rachel asks her to seek help, but Leah refuses. A kindly visit by Colleen, delivering her customary casserole, is enough to bring Leah to tears. Colleen is shocked at the state Leah’s in as she’s left to comfort her.

Palmer is unhappy that Tony has failed to order the new eqiptment for the gym that they decided on. Tony tells Palmer he doesn’t remember a decision actually being made, but Palmer tells him it’s no wonder the business is failing if he’s this slow about making decisions. Tony confides in Gina that running the gym feels more like a football match than a partnership, but Gina assures him John knows what he’s doing when it comes to managing a business. Tony fully expected her to defend Palmer, but Gina confides in him that he’s been keeping his distance ever since Hugo’s death – they’ve barely spoken. Later, Tony and Palmer come to blows again over the business and Tony accuses him of having a part in the race riots, after what was printed in the paper.

Geoff apologises to Ruby for saying she was partly to blame for the race riots, but Ruby doesn’t think he means it. She can’t believe how angry Geoff is, and it’s confusing for Geoff too – he doesn’t know who he’s angry with. Ruby seeks advice from Xavier, about what to do about Geoff, but he can’t shed any light on his behaviour – it just doesn’t sound like Geoff. Ruby tries to talk to Geoff. She’s keen to get their relationship back on track. But while they’re at the Surf Club, Geoff sees one of the lifeguards who was involved in the riot. Geoff tries to attack him, but is held back by John Palmer who is drawn in by the noise. Ruby is shocked by what she’s witnessed. The police are called and Avary gives Geoff a talking to and a warning. Ruby’s pleased that Geoff hasn’t been charged, but her joy is short-lived as Geoff tells her he needs some space, and then promptly breaks up with her. Ruby is devastated by it all. Geoff seeks Alf out for some answers, and Alf suggests that he does what Geoff always used to do when life threw him a curve ball. Geoff takes in his advice, and turns up at a local Church, but he can’t help feeling like a fake as he settles into a pew. Geoff goes to leave but bumps into Reverand Elijah, who asks if anything is wrong. Geoff almost departs, but ends up admitting to Elijah that he feels completely lost.

Scenes cut from Episode
It’s been an emotional day for Xavier and it’s not quite over. As he settles down to some peace and quiet, Ruby turns up, totally distraught after her breakup with Geoff, and Xavier is left to comfort her.

Guest Cast



Arrivals and Departures

Elijah Johnson (Jay Laga’aia)
Arrives as the new Reverend, offering life support to Geoff.