Episode 5010

Australian Air Date: 12th February 2010
UK Air Date: 19th February 2010
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

After a talk with Reverend Elijah, Geoff farewells Summer Bay to become a missionary overseas. Martha invites Liam to live with her on the farm. Miles helps Leah deal with her agoraphobia.

Extended Summary

Martha and Liam has been chatting lately and finding that they enjoy each other’s company. Liam confides in her that he’s having real trouble finding a place to live. Sick of house hunting, he offers to help Martha out on the farm when she tells him how busy she is. She laughs at the offer believing he’s joking, but Liam’s serious – despite never having done a day’s manual work in his life. Martha doesn’t think he’ll last a day, but takes him up on his offer anyway. Liam works hard on some fencing, but he’s pretty hopeless at it. Over lunch Martha opens up to him about how she’s handling all the recent tragedies in her life and the two seem very comfortable and relaxed together. At the end of a hard day’s work Martha suggests Liam moves in with her. She has plenty of room. Liam’s unsure if it’s the right thing to do, but Martha convinces him. Liam agrees, but is totally shocked when Martha kisses him passionately and then starts to undress him.

Colleen tells Miles that Leah is too scared to leave her home, traumatised after the race riots. Miles visits Leah and quickly realises that Colleen wasn’t exaggerating. Leah admits she’s scared and fearful of going outside. Miles does some research after speaking with Rachel, and goes through a checklist of symptoms before confirming that Leah has agoraphobia. While Leah doesn’t want to see a psychiatrist or go on medication, she’s dubious when Miles suggests she tries relaxation techniques instead – she thinks it will take more than a whale song or an Enya CD to overcome her problem. Despite her scepticism Leah lets Miles take her through a series of breathing techniques. When she’s mastered them Miles encourages her to put them into practice and Leah finally manages to take a step outside. He takes her to the Diner and whilst she starts to panic, the breathing exercises and Miles’ support enable her to cope – Leah has finally turned a corner it seems.

Geoff is feeling totally lost. He’s broken up with Ruby, and, at Alf’s suggestion, he’s gone to church. He chats with the local Reverend, Elijah, and admits he’s lost his purpose in life and he doesn’t like the person he’s become. Elijah tells him he needs faith that he will find what he’s looking for, and the gentle advice helps Geoff who does a lot of thinking after his visit. Making a decision, Geoff goes to Irene and tells her his plans. He’s decided to go overseas for a couple of years and become a missionary. And then he wants to come home and go to Bible College and become a Reverend. Ruby overhears him telling Irene and both are shocked by the news. Geoff and Ruby chat. He tells her this is something he has to do, and despite the fact that he loves her, he can’t be with her. Ruby is supportive of his decision, but it’s really difficult for her especially when Geoff tells her that he’s leaving today. It’s a low key departure for Geoff with only Irene and Ruby there to tearfully wave goodbye as his bus rolls away.

Guest Cast