Episode 5011

Australian Air Date: 15th February 2010
UK Air Date: 22nd February 2010
Writer: Phil Lloyd
Director: Danny Raco

Liam moves in with Martha after spending the night with her. Tony considers selling the rest of the Gym to Palmer. Charlie tells Angelo that she can’t move in with him.

Extended Summary

After sleeping with Liam, Martha makes breakfast for them both, acting like it was no big deal. Liam is pleased that things won’t be awkward between them, but wants to know what them sleeping together actually meant. Martha brushes it off, telling him it was nothing major, but that she still wants him to live at the farm with her, but he’s hesitant. She assures him things will not be awkward, and after considering, he accepts. Colleen learns of the arrangement and doesn’t approve, wondering if Martha should be rushing into a relationship so soon. Colleen mentions this to Alf in passing, prompting Alf to visit Liam, warning him to be careful with Martha, as she is fragile. Unsure, Liam checks with Martha that everything is okay, and she assures him it is – what she wants is for him to move in.

Tony is in a bind, he can’t stand working with John Palmer and is trying to decide whether to sell the remainder of his share in the Gym to him. Rachel tells Tony she doesn’t want him to sell, but Tony isn’t sure what he wants to do. After being asked by Rachel, Gina agrees to talk to John to try to smooth things over. When she does, things are tense and awkward between them, John has been giving Gina space since Hugo’s death – he didn’t want to intrude, but Gina states that she would have found it supportive, not intrusive. John doesn’t think Tony has the stomach for business, but Gina tells him if Tony leaves, many of their members might also. When Tony walks in, John makes a comment to him about his thoughts of selling the gym, leaving Gina mortified. Tony isn’t impressed that Gina told him, and less so when he learns Rachel asked her to speak with John. Gina talks with Tony and tells him that he needs to work it out with John before doing something as extreme as selling. Tony and John talk, both wanting to make peace, and eventually reach a gruff truce – John will leave the day-to-day running of the gym to Tony, whilst Tony agrees to talk with John when it comes to the business side of things.

Angelo, ready to move forward with the next phase of his relationship with Charlie, is keen to start looking for a house together. But Charlie isn’t as keen – she’s not ready at all. Angelo floats the idea that it might be easier to buy a place than rent, but Charlie gets flustered at the mention of this and takes off, leaving Angelo to wonder what is going on with her. He finds her at home, hyperventilating and breathing into a paper bag. He realises she is stressing over the prospect of moving in together, which is confirmed when Charlie admits to him that she doesn’t want anything to change between them, but she’s just not ready to move in yet.

Guest Cast



Liam Murphy moves into the Farm House with Martha MacKenzie.

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