Phil Lloyd

Script Assistant: 2002-2004
Script Editor: 2005-2007
Associate Script Producer: 2007-2008
Script Producer: 2008-2009

Phil Lloyd completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Communications and Theatre & Media at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst. He got his first big break as a writer, on a series he acted on called Big Bite, for the Seven Network. In 2002, he began writing for Home and Away. He went on to write for three more Seven Network series, The New Best Friend, The Big Arvo and Farm Kids.

He joined Home and Away as a script editor in July 2005 was appointed as the associate script producer a short time later. He remained in the position alongside Faith McKinnon until mid-2008, when the pair took over as the script producer, with James Walker later joining them.

His first episode as script producer aired on 2nd June 2008 (Ep#4651) and his final episode aired on 24th July 2009 (Ep#4905). During his time on the series, he, Faith and James introduced twelve main characters, including Charlie Buckton and John Palmer. They oversaw storylines such as Martha’s breast cancer and mastectomy, the Year 12 Formal Disaster and the Charlie/Joey saga.

After his departure from the series, he wrote for Winners & Losers, as well as being a consultant for Laid, before beginning to co-create series for the ABC, such as Review with Myles Barlow, At Home with Julia, The Moodys, It’s a Date and the controversial Nine Network comedy, Here Come the Habibs.

As an actor, Phil has starred in many small, as well as prolific, roles. Early on, he gained small roles in Laid, Wild Boys and Rake, however as he began to create his own material, he starred in the main roles of Myles Barlow in Review with Myles Barlow, Tim Mathieson, former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s boyfriend, in At Home with Julia, and Roger in The Moodys.

Phil has won, and received nominations for, AFI Awards for Review with Myles Barlow. He won AWGIE Awards for At Home with Julia and AACTA Awards for The Moodys.