Episode 4072

Australian Air Date: 18th October 2005
UK Air Date: 4th April 2006
Writer: Phil Lloyd
Director: Mark Piper

Jack gets closer to discovering the identity of Irene’s poisoner. Corey has a shock proposal for Martha.

Extended Summary

Jack starts digging into Corey’s personal details and his academy exam results – it all seems to check out. Maybe he’s wrong about Corey? Meanwhile, alone at the beach house, Corey’s looking at a newspaper article which says “Man found guilty in Corporate Fraud case’. The picture with the article features the accused man (Corey’s Dad) and members of the jury – amongst them is Irene. Corey smiles to himself and says – it’s all good now, Dad.

Sally has just got back from the psych hospital after visiting Irene. Jack, who’s just entered, overhears her mention that Irene is convinced Corey is the one who’s been poisoning her. Jack decides to go and see Irene and asks her what she thinks has happened to her? Irene says Corey is out to get her. He moved in three weeks back when Irene started hearing voices and things! It’s him Jack, I swear… Jack returns to station and McGrath informs him that he’s about to get a new partner – Corey’s applied for a transfer. Jack knows something is seriously up with this guy and he’s determined to prove it. Corey tells Martha that he’s leaving town and he wants Martha to go with him. Martha’s torn – it’s such a big decision. But Corey points out she can leave Summer Bay with him today and see how things go in the new town – if it works out, she can make the move permanently. Meanwhile, still digging, Jack’s stunned to discover that Corey’s been responsible for putting four other people into a psychiatric hospital.

Alf is saddened to learn that Martha has decided to leave town with Corey – but if it’s what Martha wants? It is. Alf hopes Corey will look after her? Corey insists he will. Alf starts to get a little emotional (in a guarded Alf way) at the thought of saying goodbye. But Martha tells him she’ll be fine…leaving with Corey is going to make her really happy. Alf nods as they both head off, still a little down about Martha’s decision to leave Summer Bay. Jack finds Martha and tells her that he doesn’t want her to go because he doesn’t trust Corey. Martha thinks that’s a pretty lame excuse and writes it off as jealously. Corey’s loving and caring and everything Jack’s not! Alone at the beach house, Corey is loading up a syringe full of toxic mercury – and begins injecting a box of chocolates with the lethal poison. Corey smiles – his sinister plan is underway…

Jack returns to the station and discovers that the common link between the four people Jack got committed was that they all served on a jury together earlier this year. One of them even died while in the psych hospital from Toxic poisoning. Jack is stunned and he does an internet search on the case the jury served on ‘ROGER DAVIS CORPORATE FRAUD’…

Meanwhile, Corey’s re-wrapping the box of chocolates when Hayley and Sally arrive home. Hayley just heard from Alf that Corey was planning to leave. They hug – just as Martha arrives, backpack over her shoulder. Corey wonders if she really wants to do this? Martha does – then Corey reckons they better get going. Hugs and goodbyes all around – and just as they’re about to head out, Corey asks if Hayley can pass on the chocolates to Irene? Hayley says that’s fine as Hyde’s going up later. Still working on his computer, Jack has found an old newspaper article about the Roger Davis case. He reads a list of the jury’s name – the 4 people that Corey sent to psych hospital are there – alone with the name IRENE ROBERTS! He scrolls down to a photograph of the convicted man (his son standing in the background). Jack takes a closer look at the son – it’s COREY! Oh my God…

Guest Cast

Seventeenth appearance, last seen in Episode #4012. Was asked by Jack to do a background check on Corey.

Sixth appearance, last seen in Episode #4059. Pulled Jack into line over his issues over Corey’s convenient transfer.


Showed Jack to a paranoid Irene, following Corey’s secret revelation that he had been poisoning her.


Corey Henderson’s date of birth is 02/05/1984 per his police file. His father’s name was Roger Davis.

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