Episode 4071

Australian Air Date: 17th October 2005
UK Air Date: 3rd April 2006
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Mark Piper

Irene finally learns the sinister truth behind her condition. Amanda vows that Scott will pay for destroying her life.

Extended Summary

The doctors have explained that Irene will be closely monitored, medicated and assessed on a weekly basis. It’s a heartbreaking moment for Hayley, and Corey comforts her.

Robbie arrives home and sees the apartment trashed. He moves over to Amanda, who’s slumped on the floor. Sobbing, Amanda apologises, she doesn’t know what came over her, she was just so angry when she saw Scott and Hayley kissing. Robbie does his best to comfort – but Amanda is really down on herself and at a very low point in her life. In the park, Ryan notes Amanda’s mood and wonders why her and Scott aren’t getting married if they’re having a baby together? Amanda says that it might not be over yet… Clearly has no plans to let this drop any time soon. But the moment is soon broken by a rabid, barking dog rushing towards them. Ryan screams as Amanda stands between him and the dog as it barks at them viciously…

Corey and Jack arrive home with Hayley, Kim and Hyde. Everyone is exhausted after the emotionally draining day – and Hayley’s devastated. Corey makes Hayley feel better about the situation, pointing out that Irene will get the care she needs inside. He explains that his mother was institutionalised about six months ago. She suffered depression after his father died – and despite Corey’s attempts to help her – she never improved. Jack takes this in…

The dog is tied up, as Alf tends to Amanda, who’s been bitten. Jack and Corey arrive, and Alf explains how he got the dog off them and restrained it. Amanda is outraged – her son could have been killed! Jack moves off to call for the RSPCA, when he hears a gun shot ring out. Jack rushes back to see that Corey’s shot the dog! Jack is left disturbed by this dark side of Corey… Hayley comes off the phone from the hospital, Irene’s still refusing to speak to her. Hyde points out that paranoia is part of her condition, and Hayley shouldn’t take it personally – once the medication has kicked in, she’ll realise that she’s been irrational. Meanwhile in the hospital the nurse arrives to give Irene some lunch. Irene creates a distraction, discreetly unclips the security pass from the nurse’s belt and tries to escape – only to be dragged back screaming!

Hayley and Corey are sitting in with Irene after her escape attempt. The doctor interrupts and wants to speak to Hayley outside. Corey stays with Irene as the others move out… Hayley wonders what’s going to happen as a result of her escape attempt. The doctor explains that they’re going to have to put her in a higher facility with more security – and she’s to be given higher dose of medication because she’s delusional. While Hayley’s out of the room, Corey chats to Irene: ‘It must be horrible not being believed by everyone. But I believe you Irene.’ Irene is heartened when she hears this – but it doesn’t last long as Corey says ‘you where right, someone has done this to you…but you’re only getting what you deserve’. Irene goes quiet as suddenly all the pieces fall into place – you! Corey smiles and nods – just as Hayley arrives back. Irene is hysterical and says that it’s him! Corey’s trying to kill her! She starts to get really physical and Hayley calls for the nurse. Corey acts bemused – she doesn’t know what she’s saying. The nurses race in, and Irene is injected with something to calm her down but she still screams blue murder. Hayley’s distraught, but unseen, Corey smiles a satisfied smile…

Guest Cast



Oversaw Irene’s admittance to the carer home.

Unwittingly let Irene steal her keys in a bold attempt to escape the home.

Fourth appearance, last seen in Episode #4010. Informed Jack and Corey of Amanda’s reported dog attack.

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