Episode 4070

Australian Air Date: 14th October 2005
UK Air Date: 31st March 2006
Writer: Fiona Bozic
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Scott and Hayley are finally reunited – leading the woman scorned, Amanda, to an explosive act of violence. Hayley is forced to make a heart wrenching decision about Irene’s future.

Extended Summary

Corey’s up early at the beach house, sorting through his bag. He pulls out a notepad with newspaper clippings inside. One of the articles says “Man found guilty in Corporate Fraud case.” The picture with the article features the accused man (Corey’s Dad) and members of the jury – and amongst them is Irene.

Kim arrives to see Irene. Corey fills him in on how she’s doing – she’s taking her medication now and seems to be better, although the pills are taking a toll on her. Kim moves over to give Irene a hug. Irene is down, and when Martha offers her some food, Irene refuses to eat or drink anything, convinced that there’s poison in it. Hayley’s heart sinks when she hears this – I thought we went through this… Through it all, Corey watches on… Kim confides in the others what a shock it is to see her like this and apologises for not being around to help when this was all going down, but they understand. As Hayley’s been having trouble, Kim tries to coax Irene to take her pills – but Irene lashes out, knocking them from his hand and slapping him. Meanwhile, Beth’s showing Amanda some booties that she’s bought. Amanda is pleased that she’s finally being accepted as part of Scott’s family – the fake pregnancy is working in her favour. Alone with Scott, Amanda admits that she’s pleased things are much better with the family now – especially Beth. Amanda is especially pleased that Scott still wants to be part of all of this. It goes quiet between them, and Amanda tries to kiss Scott – but Scott backs away. He’s really sorry, but he’s not ready for a relationship. Scott heads off, leaving Amanda crushed.

Seeing no alternative, Kim and Hyde physically hold Irene down and force the pills in to her mouth. She spits them out, why are you doing this to me?! You’re all trying to poison me! But Hyde and Kim persist until Irene gets them down. Irene’s crying and yelling as Hayley breaks down in the background… Still trying to deal with Irene’s condition, Hayley walks the beach. Scott sees her and knows she’s been crying. As he’s brushing away her tears, their eyes meet – and they’re soon kissing… Hayley wonders if they’re doing the right thing and Scott tells her that he’s wanted this for so long. Hayley’s glad to hear it because she feels the same way. They kiss again – together at last. In the distance, Amanda watches, stunned.

Amanda confronts Hayley – lashing out at her for taking Scott away from her. Still reeling, Hayley arrives home to find that Irene has locked herself in the bathroom with a knife! Irene’s ranting and raving about protecting herself from the person who’s trying to get her. Corey thinks they should get her out of there quick smart – she could do anything to herself with that knife. Hayley manages to coax Irene out of the bathroom and Kim and Corey grab the knife from her. She starts kicking and screaming – I thought I could trust you! You’re just like the rest of them! Hayley fights back her tears as the boys hold Irene down…

Amanda is a woman on the edge as she arrives home. She stares at the ultrasound photo for a beat, then she finally snaps – letting out all of the guilt, anger and pain she’s been feeling. Crying and hysterical, she smashes up the apartment… Meanwhile, Hayley does her best to convince Irene that moving her to a psychiatric ward is the best thing for her – but Irene refuses to go. Corey and Jack have to carry her away kicking and screaming. It’s a horrendous, heartbreaking situation. But as they drag the struggling Irene off, we close in on Corey’s smile. This is exactly what he has wanted all along…

Guest Cast