Episode 4069

Australian Air Date: 13th October 2005
UK Air Date: 30th March 2006
Writer: Phil Sanders, Sam Meikle
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Irene’s return home is marred by conflict as her delusions continue to haunt her. Robbie’s attempt to cheer Kim up in the wake of the aborted wedding takes a surprising and revealing twist.

Extended Summary

Robbie’s finishing a phone call to Tasha, who’s still in the city looking after Dylan (after his car accident). Robbie is disappointed to find out that Tasha won’t be back just yet. He had booked a night at a resort for her return. Kim arrives – he’s been up in the city at a mates place. He asks Robbie if he can stay for a few nights – he isn’t ready to face Hayley after the aborted wedding. Robbie suggests they take off to the resort – the place is already paid for. Kim isn’t keen, but Robbie’s insists that a guys’ night away is what he needs. They arrive at the resort – Robbie’s upbeat and excited but Kim’s still glum. They go to the counter and meet Kylie, a spunky twenty-something who helps check them in. She hands over the room key adding that the entire resort is clothing optional. Robbie and Kim prop when they hear this – what?! Kylie clarifies – our resort is Australia’s top nudist resort! Robbie and Kim are stunned! Robbie and Kim enter the bar and are a little taken aback to see nude people sitting at the bar having a drink. Robbie tries to make conversation to a fat nudist but he has a go at Robbie for wearing clothes.

Sally’s dropped around to see how Hayley and the others are coping with Irene at home. Irene’s having some breakfast and says she’s feeling much better being home than stuck at that stuffy hospital. The others are glad. Corey knew it was the right decision to get her out of that place. Hayley looks at her watch – it’s time for her pills. Irene’s face falls – she doesn’t think she needs them. Hayley – please take them, for me. Irene gives in and puts the pill in her mouth. But after she moves off, she slips it out from under tongue and hides it down behind the cushion of the lounge… Meanwhile, Kim and Robbie are heading down the corridor towards the bar/restaurant, wearing towels (and nothing else). Kim can’t believe Robbie talked him into this. They reach the door to the breakfast room, drop their towels and head inside, proud of themselves…but they get the shock of their lives when everyone is at breakfast fully clothed! Everyone stops and looks at them. Kylie approaches (fighting back her laughter) as she points out that all guests have to dress for meals! Kim and Robbie are still cracking up laughing as they arrive home. Kim reckons Robbie’s the biggest idiot ever – but Robbie’s just pleased to see Kim laughing again.

Irene takes a sip of her coffee, looks at them all with distrust and says that her coffee is poisoned. Corey takes the coffee from Irene and sips it – it’s fine. Hayley’s worried that Irene seems to be regressing, but then she finds Irene’s pills down the side of the couch. Hayley’s upset that Irene has deceived her and wants her to take them, but Irene won’t. On the verge of tears, she begs Irene and finally Irene takes the pills.

Meanwhile, Robbie and Kim are having a drink in the night club when Hayley comes in. It’s the first time they’ve seen each other since the aborted wedding. Kim’s frosty with Hayley and moves back to bar. He downs a drink, ordering another when Kylie, the girl from the resort, comes into the bar. A few drinks later and Kim and Kylie are dancing and flirting with each other. Kylie offers Kim a pill, but he turns it down. Kylie – you don’t mind if I do? Is Kim flirting with danger? Meanwhile, Corey’s in the kitchen, making Irene a nice cup of hot chocolate. As he makes her a drink, he pulls out a small jar of Mercury. Unseen by Irene, he puts a spoonful of the poisoned sugar into her drink. He moves back to Irene giving her the drink – with a devious smile –Corey’s been poisoning her all along.

Guest Cast


First appearance. Receptionist at the Nudist Camp who took a liking to the newly-single Kim.

Sparked up an awkward conversation with Robbie and Kim.