Episode 4068

Australian Air Date: 12th October 2005
UK Air Date: 29th March 2006
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Josh goes to desperate lengths to keep the truth from going public. Flynn reacts badly when news of his condition spreads through the community.

Extended Summary

Josh wants to know what the hell Amanda was doing in his office?! She almost succeeds in pulling the wool over his eyes when Josh hears the beep of the fax machine. He quickly realises she’s just sent the ‘Project 56’ documents off to someone. Menacing, he grabs Amanda by the arm and she has to reveal she sent the fax to – Morag Bellingham! Josh races over to the diner apartment and causes a diversion. While Morag is occupied, he steals into the flat and retrieves the papers. Scott sees him leave and comments to Morag who immediately realises that Josh has been up to something. Josh then confronts Amanda. But Amanda is smug – all she has to do is make one phone to Morag and this whole game is over… Check mate. Josh’s impressed – if that’s the way she wants to play it. But he points out that it’s essential that no one knows of their association. Amanda – they won’t hear it from me, it’s not something worth bragging about! Meanwhile, Morag sees Josh and Amanda talking in the distance. She stops and watches for a beat – what’s going on?

Having learned of Flynn’s illness yesterday, Leah and Dan are around again offering words of sympathy which is absolutely the last thing Flynn wants. Sally, seeing his quiet annoyance, subtly tries to push them out the door, but then Colleen toddles in and starts fussing too. This sends Flynn’s frustration levels straight back up again. He’s being treated like a ‘sick man’, much to his chagrin. Once they are gone, Sally suggest they tell everyone and get it over with – but Flynn isn’t ready. Matilda and Lucas arrive and wonder what it is with all the flowers about the house? Looks are swapped between Ric, Cassie and Sally – then Ric covers. The foursome go to the diner, but Ric and Cassie are not quite themselves. Finally, Matilda has to ask outright what’s going on. Ric and Cassie look to one another, but before responding Dan comes to their table, handing something to Ric to give to Flynn. Attached is a small open card with some message that gives away a hint that Flynn’s sick. Seeing this, Matilda has to ask – what’s wrong with him? Come on, tell us… What will Ric and Cassie do?

Morag gets a phone call from Bill – and her face lights up. She confronts Amanda and cuts to the chase – you never mentioned that you used to live in the same building as Josh West in L.A.? Amanda’s stunned that Morag has found this out, but she desperately tries to appear unfazed, saying that this is the first she has heard of it. But Morag knows she’s clearly getting closer to the truth. Rattled, Amanda interrupts a Council Meeting to talk to Josh. If Morag knows they lived in same building…what if she discovers the whole story? Josh assures Amanda that there’s no way that will happen.

Ric and Cassie sheepishly reveal that Lucas and Matilda now know. Flynn isn’t happy about it and doesn’t think anyone can understand what it feels like to be pitied like he is at the moment – that why he doesn’t want people knowing… Sally, gently but firmly, retorts that she honestly believes the best thing to do would be to get it out there – she thinks that in the long run it will actually make things easier for everyone – him included. Flynn takes all this in then nods, before pulling Sally in to a loving hug. The next stage of acceptance for him…

Meanwhile, Josh enters for a meeting with the suited men, telling them that the first phase of Project 56 is complete. Step two is the property acquisition – they’ll need the Surf Club, the Diner plus thirty residential houses. He pulls the plans out and for the first time we see what Project 56 actually entails… A big freeway going straight through town!

Guest Cast



Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4067. Was revealed to be involved in Josh’s plans for ‘Project 56’.

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