Episode 4067

Australian Air Date: 11th October 2005
UK Air Date: 28th March 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Amanda’s shell-shocked when she discovers the truth about Josh’s secret plans for the Bay. Flynn’s day of exhilaration ends with a crushing reminder of his impending death. Leah and Dan’s struggle for a baby continues.

Extended Summary

Summer Bay’s new Mayor, Josh West, is showing a group of suited men around the Bay, assuring them that now he is on the council, Project 56 can move forward; he has the locals eating out of his hand. Unseen, Morag watches on from nearby her interest piqued. Meanwhile, Flynn, Sally, Pippa, Ric and Cassie are having breakfast when Alf arrives to see how Flynn is. Alf’s stunned as Flynn explains that he’s decided to stop the Chemo. The last thing he wants is to spend his last months sick. Ric explains that Flynn’s made a list of everything he’s ever wanted to do – and starting today, those wishes are going to come true.

Josh tells Amanda that he wants the next payment of the money she owes him ASAP – or he’ll reveal the truth about her fake pregnancy! Meanwhile, Leah and Dan wait for Amanda to pick Ryan up so they can go to the hospital for their IVF appointment. But Amanda’s at home, coming off the phone to the bank. They’ve refused her a cash advance loan. Frustrated, she paces desperately worried. Scott arrives with Ryan, unhappy that Amanda forgot to pick him up, but Amanda covers, saying she’s had terrible morning sickness. Amanda tentatively wonders if Scott wants to hang around? Her manner is flirty and Scott shakes his head and takes his leave. Feeling rejected and unloved, Amanda pours herself a stiff drink.

Ric and Cassie remove Flynn’s blindfold to reveal that they’ve brought him to a race track. Flynn smiles as a magnificent motor pulls up in front of him. Strapped into the passenger’s seat, Flynn is put through all the thrills and stunts of racing as the others cheers from the sidelines. The car screeches to a halt – tyres smoking. Flynn gets out of the car, a wide grin on his face and Ric presents him with the obligatory bottle of champagne. Sally, holding baby Pippa in her arms, smiles proudly at her husband. They share a meaningful look which conveys that this is a day that they will ever forget. One amazing memory!

Amanda begs Josh to reconsider, but he wants his money by tomorrow. He leaves her desperate, her emotional torment mounting… Meanwhile, Leah’s resting in the hospital bed after being implanted for IVF. Dan holds her hand as Dr Jacobs explains they will return in two weeks for a pregnancy test. Dan and Leah share a glance of anticipation. Nurse Julie comes in and comments on how sad it is about Flynn. Dan and Leah exchange a bemused look – why? Meanwhile, Amanda’s distracted and Ryan asks her why she’s always sad? Amanda explains that someone is trying to make her look bad. Ryan shrugs – why don’t you just make them look bad as well? Ryan’s innocent words strike a cord in Amanda…maybe he’s right.

The family arrive home in high spirits. It’s the best day Flynn’s had for a long time. He actually forgot that he was sick for a few hours! Amidst the laughter, there’s a knock at the door. Smiling, Flynn answers it to see a grim-looking Leah and Dan. The looks on their faces tell all. Leah pulls Flynn into a hug and she starts to cry – Poor Flynn’s brought crashing back to reality.

Meanwhile in the Diner, Amanda hears Morag telling Alf that whatever Project 56 is, she’s certain it’s a big deal to Josh. Amanda’s ears prick up and it becomes clear what she has to do… Josh’s office is empty when Amanda breaks in. She searches and finds the ‘Project 56’ folder… Shocked, she reads what Josh has planned for the Bay. Then, hearing voices outside she quickly takes the documents to a fax and dials a number. She then moves to the door, slowly opening it – only to come face to face with Josh!

Guest Cast

Final episode.




Fourth appearance, last seen in Episode #4062. Was spied by Scott performing menial duties in the hospital.

First appearance. Dodgy businessman

Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4056. Was asked by a snoopy Morag for the contact details of the councillors.

Drove Flynn in a racecar

Female IVF doctor for Dan and Leah

Inadvertantly told Leah about Flynn’s condition.

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