Episode 4073

Australian Air Date: 19th October 2005
UK Air Date: 5th April 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Mark Piper

Jack desperately races against the clock in a bid to save Irene’s life. But little does he know that the real threat is only just beginning.

Extended Summary

Hayley’s at home when Jack comes bursting in. Jack explains what’s going on and is shocked to discover that Corey has already left – with Martha!!! Meanwhile, Martha and Corey are driving out of town when Martha’s phone starts to ring. Corey indicates for Martha to give him the phone and Jack rips in to Corey, saying he knows what he’s been doing to Irene – knows who his father was. Corey’s stunned, glances across to Martha and covers so Martha doesn’t get suss, telling Jack that “it’s all done now anyway”. Jack is frantic – what does that mean? Corey?! But Corey just says – goodbye and throws Martha’s phone on to the backseat – no more distractions… She puts her hand on his knee as he drives, oblivious to the fact she’s in the hands of a nutcase. Corey sees police lights in the rear vision mirror… He turns off down a side track, pretending he’s got a surprise planned.

Hayley tells Jack that Corey left a box of chocolates for Irene. Hyde is dropping them off as they speak. It’s a race against time to get to Irene before she eats one of the fatal chocolates! Jack gets on the phone to Harper, they’re sending out men to try and find Martha and Corey, while Hayley’s trying to get hold of Hyde, but as his phone rings, a nurse at the hospital says you can’t have that in here. He switches it off and the nurse leads him to see Irene. In the car, Hayley turns to Jack – there’s no answer. Damn! Hayley can’t believe this is happening, she urges Jack to drive faster… Hyde offers Irene a chocolate… She picks one up and is about to bite in to it when…Jack and Hayley burst into the room. Jack knocks the chocolate from Irene’s hand. Relief, it’s over… But Corey’s still got Martha… Corey pulls the car up – he knows the cops will be looking for him. Martha gets out and takes in the beautiful scene… They share a loving hug – but over her shoulder we see his face. She’s in the arms of danger… After a picnic, Corey heads behind the bush for a wee, and Martha goes to refill her glass of wine, retrieving the bottle from Corey’s rucksack. But when she pulls it out – she discovers the bottle of mercury and the article. Oh my god. Then there’s a voice from behind: what are you looking for? Martha thinks quickly – the keys to the car. She needs to get something. Corey tosses her the keys and Martha moves off towards the car, pretending that all is fine. Jack’s driving along when his phone rings – he grabs it and Martha begins to tell him the name of the old track they turned down when suddenly, the phone is taken off her. She turns to see that Corey has heard everything! As Corey gets close to Martha she knees him and runs… Meanwhile, Jack is barking down the police radio what he heard from Martha – they have to find her!

Martha races through the bush with Corey hot on her heels. He hears the snap of a twig and smiles – that’s her. He walks towards the noise, thinking he’s got her, but he falls, screaming. Martha steps out from hiding, strong and in control – to see Corey caught up in the barbed wire. However, she has to creep closer to him to get the keys. Martha reaches for the keys… and Corey grabs her by the arm… She manages to kicks him off. Then she hears a siren in the distance and runs toward it. Jack pulls up in the police car and comes rushing up to her. Jack – Where is he? Martha points to the bush. Jack pulls his gun out and Martha leads him to Corey – but when they get to the barbed wire, Corey’s not there! Oh my God! Jack hears a noise and motions for Martha to be quiet… He moves off, but then he hears a scream and turns back to see Corey has Martha!

Corey wants Jack to pass him the gun but Jack throws it way off into the bush. Corey’s not impressed… Jack says something to Martha which makes her remember a wrestling move he taught her back when they were dating. Martha does the move and Corey’s thrown to the ground, Jack gets on top of him and handcuffs as Martha tries to regain her breath, reeling. It’s over!

Guest Cast

Twenty-seventh appearance, last seen in Episode #4047. Assisted Jack in his search for the fugitive Corey.

Final episode. Was arrested following his attempted murder of Irene and assault of Martha.

Showed Barry to Irene, carrying a mercury-laced box of chocolates from Corey.


It is revealed that Leo Simms (Irene’s burglar from Episode #4025) was secretly employed by Corey to slip mercury into her sugar.

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