Episode 4074

Australian Air Date: 20th October 2005
UK Air Date: 6th April 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Mark Piper

Amanda sinks to a horrifying new low in her attempt to hurt Scott. Ric buckles under the pressure of his exams. Josh tightens the thumbscrews on Amanda.

Extended Summary

Scott arrives to collect the rest of his stuff. Hurt, Amanda tells him that if he doesn’t want her then she doesn’t want him to have anything to do with the baby either. Meanwhile, Dan walks around the class, handing back papers to the trial exams they all sat last week. He talks to the students about the first school certificate exam tomorrow and how important it is. Through it all, the others swap excited looks at their good marks, but Ric’s mood plummets. Cassie, Matilda and Lucas have lots of nervous energy, but as they’ve studied, they’re feeling quite confident. Realising Ric’s not exactly on the same wave-length, they turn their attention to him. Ric explains that since Flynn was diagnosed, his concentration is shot. Cassie, Lucas and Mattie all offer their support – they’ll give him all the extra help he needs.

Flynn asks Ric and Cass how they went in their trials but Before Cass can speak, Ric says – cool. Flynn and Sally share a proud look, as Cassie turns to Ric with a frown. She can understand why Ric has lied, but she isn’t comfortable with it. Flynn goes on to say that the last thing he would want is for his illness to stand in the way of their future. The pressure is really on for Ric! Ric’s quiet and stressed outside the exam room. Students stand nearby, testing each other. Ric looks guiltily down at the ruler in his hand where he has written key names and quotes. Cassie bounces up behind him and sees the ruler. She warns him to not to take it in with him – if he’s caught he’ll be in deep trouble and that’s the last thing the family needs right now. Ric defends himself, but then relents sticking the ruler back in to his bag before entering the exam room.

Josh tells Amanda he’s had a business idea which will really benefit her. But Amanda’s not interested. Josh smiles – you and I have more in common than you realise…and you will agree to my plan, I’ll make sure of that. He moves off, as tears spring to Amanda’s eyes under the renewed pressure… Meanwhile, Scott gets a call from the hospital. They’ve been trying to get in contact with Amanda as there was some mix up with the ultrasound and they need her to come in again. Scott tries to get more details out of the person but they insist they need him and Amanda to come up as soon as possible. As Bert gets off the phone from the hospital, he turns to Josh, who nods and gives him the figurative thumbs up – well done. What is Josh up to? Meanwhile, all the students are seated, as Sally hands out the exam papers. Ric starts reading, a lost look on his face. He glances around, everyone else is busy writing – but he has no idea how to even start…

Amanda opens the door to Scott. He tells her about the call from the hospital and Amanda tries to hide how on edge she is. An argument escalates until and Amanda is a bitch. Seeing this side of her, Scott is rapidly losing the sympathy he had for her, now wishing he could just cut ties. He heads off and Amanda is left fuming and distressed by Scott’s cutting words. Meanwhile, Ric’s managed to write a few small paragraphs, but it doesn’t even make sense to him when he re-reads it. He sighs, as Dan calls out ‘pens down!’ Ric can’t believe how badly he’s done – he feels like crap. There’s a few hours to go until the next exam and Craig approaches Ric from behind and whispers in his ear – Want to buy the paper for the next exam? Craig explains that he has a copy of the School Certificate exam paper. If Ric wants it (for a price) it’ll give him a few hours to find the answers. What will Ric do?

Amanda, alone at the apartment, is psyching herself up for something. Then she picks up the phone, and dials. Scott answers and Amanda starts crying in pain – I’m miscarrying the baby! Scott freaks out and says he’ll be right there. He rushes off. And Amanda hangs up, with a cold look on her face – Scott hurt her, now it’s time for him to hurt…

Guest Cast


Return episode, last seen in Episode #3947. Returned from his visit to Vietnam, falling into Amanda’s deceptive web.

Fifth appearance, last seen in Episode #4067. Called Scott posing as “Dr.Btovski” in an attempt by Josh to expose Amanda’s deception.

Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4064. Secretly handed Ric the stolen maths exam.

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