Episode 4075

Australian Air Date: 21st October 2005
UK Air Date: 7th April 2006
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Mark Piper

The shocking truth about Amanda’s deception is finally revealed, leading to an explosive showdown between her and Scott. Anxious and confused, Hayley flees Summer Bay. Ric fights for his innocence when he’s accused of cheating in an exam.

Extended Summary

Scott rushes inside to find Amanda on the floor, crying. Amanda looks up to him through her tears. It’s the baby – it’s gone… Scott holds Amanda as she cries. Meanwhile, Cassie, Lucas and Matilda are doing some last minute cramming when Ric comes in to join them. Ric explains that he was offered the test paper for the exam. Concerned by Ric’s recent doubts, Cassie makes sure Ric hasn’t done anything silly but Ric says, ‘of course I didn’t.’

Scott tells Amanda that they really should go to the hospital but Amanda just shakes her head – it’s not necessary. It’s gone… Scott’s barely holding it together when Beth and Graham come hurrying in. Amanda takes it all in with an unreadable look… Hayley arrives at the apartment and moves over to support Scott but he moves to Amanda. Amanda’s all over him, playing the distraught victim. Hayley wonders if Scott wants to meet up tonight but Scott thinks he should stay with Amanda. Hayley moves out – and Amanda watches her go with a smile… Hayley arrives home to find Kim there (he’s moved back). She tries to talk to him but he’s quiet. Hayley thinks it is ridiculous – but Kim really goes to town on her. He’s embarrassed and hurt by what she did and a simple sorry isn’t going to make up for it. Kim storms out, and Hayley is left really stung by his attack. Meanwhile, Cassie, Ric and Matilda are waiting outside the exam room when Lucas re-joins them, wide eyed. Craig’s been caught with an exam paper – stunned reactions all around. Cassie comments to Ric, relieved he didn’t take Craig up on his offer. Ric – tell me about it! In the exam, Ric’s writing feverishly, doing really well, when Dan says to put their pens down. They file out and Cassie asks him how he felt he went. Ric reckons he did really well. Cassie’s pleasantly surprised, saying she knew he had all the answers in his head if he just stopped stressing.

Amanda crosses with Hayley and apologises for Scott not being able to see Hayley last night… Hayley says it’s fine but Amanda (playing on Hayley’s insecurities) says it’s natural that he’ll probably want to stay close to Amanda now that this has happened. Hayley offers warm words but she is clearly uncomfortable that Scott and Amanda are so close again – and Amanda knows it! Confused, Hayley’s tells Leah what a mess she feels she’s made of everything. Leah offers that maybe Hayley just need some time to deal with everything? Hayley takes in Leah’s advice… Amanda is alone at the apartment when there’s a knock at the door. She opens it to see Josh – who’s got a bunch of flowers. She asks him to leave but Josh wants to talk about his business idea she refused to listen to yesterday. Amanda says she’s not interested…but Josh insists he’ll get his way. He goes to seek out Scott telling him there’s something he needs to know… There’s a furious knocking at the apartment door. Bemused Amanda hurries to answer it, opening it to Scott. His face is a picture of fury as he pulls out a copy of the Ultrasound photo that Bert gave Amanda – but this time it has the name of the mother on the bottom. Amanda knows there’s no way out of this now. She explains that it was a desperate act to keep him, but Scott rips in to her, calling her every name under the sun and leaving Amanda totally shattered… He arrives at the Beach House, looking for Hayley. But there’s no answer. Then he sees a note on the table explaining that she needed space and has gone away. Scott is stunned!

Meanwhile, the foursome is celebrating the end of exams when there is a knock at the door. It’s Dan – Craig has made an allegation that he sold a paper to Ric. Ric swears that he didn’t buy an exam paper and Dan nods, with no choice but to accept it. Later, Cassie’s bemoaning Craig’s accusations as they come in to meet up with Sally and Flynn for dessert. Sally and Flynn, who have heard about it, say they know Ric wouldn’t do anything like that. Ric moves off to look at the dessert window. Alone, Ric opens his bag to reveal – the exam paper! He cheated after all!

Guest Cast