Episode 4076

Australian Air Date: 24th October 2005
UK Air Date: 10th April 2006
Writer: Sabour Bradley
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Frightened and alone, Hayley goes into labour. Amanda forms a dangerous alliance with the enemy, in her bid for revenge on Summer Bay.

Extended Summary

Josh puts a proposition to Amanda: how would she like to be the spearhead for Project 56? Amanda can’t believe her ears – why on earth would she do that? Josh suggests that with a lucrative job, she’ll be able to pay him off in eighteen months – then he’d be out of her life for good. A highly attractive prospect for Amanda! Meanwhile, Scott arrives at the Diner. Leah, Sally and Colleen are immediately sympathetic about Amanda’s miscarriage but Scott cuts over them, asking if they’ve seen Hayley? They’re bemused that Scott’s completely ignoring the miscarriage stuff, but no one’s seen Hayley lately. Scott hurries out, leaving Leah, Sally and Colleen concerned.

Scott sees Beth and launches into a tirade revealing that Amanda faked the pregnancy. Beth is left reeling from the shocking news as Scott continues in his search for Hayley. Meanwhile, Amanda is pacing, distressed and anxious, as she leaves yet another message for Scott, begging him to call her. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Graham. Amanda begins to well up and the tears soon fall. Crusty old Graham attempts to offer some comfort… But Amanda tells him she’s doesn’t deserve it – there never was a baby… Graham’s astounded. As Amanda sobs again, she leans in to him – and Graham awkwardly feels he has no choice but to put a tentative arm of comfort around her. But the moment is soon broken by Beth storming in. She can’t believe her father is comforting the witch – do you know what she did?! Graham wants Beth to just settle down a little, but Beth loses her cool – slapping Amanda hard across the face.

Amanda comes into the Diner and is immediately accosted by Leah telling her to get out. Amanda appeals directly to Dan, who tells her that he doesn’t want her anywhere near Ryan at the moment. Amanda is unimpressed – you can’t keep me from seeing my son! But Dan remains firm – watch me!

Scott’s worried and distracted about Hayley and angry about Amanda. Beth appears at his door. Scott reveals he’s had a sleepless night, and just wishes Hayley would call and say where she is. Meanwhile in the bush, Hayley is being led to a caravan by Les. She explains she just needed to get away for a few days and get her head together. Les tells her she’s welcome to stay as long as she likes and moves off, as Hayley heads inside the van…… Alone at last…

At school, the kids play a trick on Amanda, leaving a toy baby on the seat. She looks at it, stunned, then totally loses it, ordering them all out of the room! She shows Sally the doll she found on her seat. Sally isn’t impressed that the kids have done this but doesn’t offer huge amounts of sympathy. She tells her to go – she’ll take over her class. Dried tears on her face, Amanda arrives home. She opens the door and heads inside to find her bags packed and stacked at the entrance. Bemused, she looks around – then Robbie emerges – she can’t stay there after what she’s done to Scott. Josh is on his mobile in a quiet corner of the Diner when Amanda comes in. She tells him she’s reconsidered – she wants in on Project 56. A smile creeps on to Josh’s face, as he asks if she’s sure – because once she’s in, there’s no going back. Amanda has never been surer of anything –

Scott’s becoming increasingly concerned the longer they haven’t heard from Hayley. He just hopes she’s okay… Meanwhile, Hayley is moving around the van when she gets a labour pain. She puts her hand of her tummy as the pain subsides – she tries to move and is struck with a second pain! Oh no – the baby is coming! She’s stuck in the middle of nowhere and is going in to labour!

Guest Cast



Farmer and father of Hayley’s friend ‘Carrie’. Helped Hayley settle in at his remote farm during her break from Summer Bay.