Episode 4077

Australian Air Date: 25th October 2005
UK Air Date: 11th April 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Trapped in the bush, Scott delivers Hayley’s baby. But their bliss is soon shattered by an unthinkable tragedy. Amanda lashes out at Robbie in a violent rage.

Extended Summary

Hayley tries to walk for help but can’t do it – the pain is just too intense. She heads back for the van. She finds her mobile and tries to call for help, but there’s no reception. Damn! Tears of fear are starting to flow as the labour pains intensify and there’s no one to help her! Meanwhile, Amanda moves in to classroom (Robbie’s class). There’s some whistles and whispers as Amanda enters but she pushes on regardless. Then, her eyes lock with Robbie’s across the room. He holds the dark glare. Amanda continues, refusing to be intimidated but it’s not easy for her…

Hayley waves her phone around in a desperate attempt to get reception when – one bar appears. She sees it and frantically begins to dial… Graham has a smile on his dial. Beth (who’s serving Irene a drink) sees it and wonders what’s up? Graham he’s sold the farm and got $2,000,000 for it. Beth is stunned – two million! Oh my God! Graham continues – and I’m moving to Summer Bay for good. Beth’s stunned but pleased for her father. The moment is interrupted by Scott’s mobile ringing – it’s Hayley but the line cuts out! All Scott heard was ‘Old…something…Road’. Alf runs off a couple of ‘Old… something…Roads’ and they decide to split up start searching.

Amanda’s being given a hard time by a few of her students. Finally, the bell rings and Amanda breathes a sigh of relief. Robbie hangs back – he needs the reference she promised him for the grant. Amanda is amazed that Robbie has the nerve to ask for it – after throwing her out! Things start to get really heated and Robbie says Scott was right – she’s nothing but a cold, callous witch who cares about no one but herself – not even her own son! Amanda’s frustration comes to a head and she slaps Robbie hard across the face. Hyde, standing in doorway witnesses the slap and tells her that it’s completely unacceptable to assault a student. He has no choice but to suspend her… Amanda scoffs in Hyde’s face – “Suspend me? I was planning to resign anyway, so you can stick your job where the sun don’t shine”…

Hayley is covered in sweat now, the pain is unbearable. She tries to stand and go for help – but she collapses back onto the bed. She screams in pain as another contraction hits… Meanwhile, Kim and Alf have reached the end of ‘Old Treetop Lane’. Kim’s getting worried – precious time is ticking away. Alf tries to calm him down but Kim’s feeling bad because the last time he saw Hayley he had a go at her. At the van, Hayley’s suffering intense pain now as she cries out Scott’s name… Scott, driving, suddenly pulls over hearing Hayley in his mind (her sixth sense is calling out to him). He starts the car and drives on with purpose… Back at the van, a very distraught Hayley collapses onto the grass – as Scott pulls up in his car. He jumps out and races to her. He knows he has to get her to a hospital but the baby’s coming now – and he’ll have to deliver it!

Amanda finds out that Josh owns Tiverson constructions. As Mayor he might be able to get the bills through for the freeway, but it is unethical for him to own the company building it. Realising that’s why Josh needs her, Amanda offers him a deal – she wants him to write off all the money she owes him and become a partner, taking equal profit from the company. Amanda has him over a barrel and has no choice. She can come on board, but it’s a $1.5 million investment and he will need to see the money in 3 months. Amanda assures him she’ll get it – just leave it with her…

Scott checks Hayley – she’s fully dilated. She can start pushing… Hayley strains to push the baby out. Scott sees the head – and tells Hayley to keep going. Hayley’s face is covered in sweat and she’s red from the exertion. Finally Hayley gives it one last push…and then – Scott delivers the baby. It’s a boy! Scott’s holds Noah, talking to him – then he looks down and sees Hayley has stopped breathing. Oh my god – Hayley is dead!

Guest Cast



First episode. Hayley and Scott’s baby son, born in a remote caravan.

Student who poked fun at Amanda’s recent behaviour in drama class.

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