Episode 4078

Australian Air Date: 26th October 2005
UK Air Date: 12th April 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Hayley’s life hangs by a thread as the desperate battle to save her begins. Kim embraces fatherhood – completely unaware of the heartbreaking truth.

Extended Summary

Scott desperately tries to bring Hayley back to life! He pounds on her chest and breathes into her mouth – but Hayley’s gone… Scott gives up – but then, tears in his eyes, he looks across to Noah – and can’t bring himself to let Hayley go. He starts pounding on Hayley’s chest again, more frantic this time, over and over. Finally, Hayley splutters back to life. Scott’s relief is palpable… He hears Kim and Alf’s voices calling for him. Scott yells back – in here! They need to get Hayley help now! Kim picks up his baby boy, utterly overcome by the moment – the magnificent, precious gift in his hand. In hospital, Flynn races straight over and tends to Hayley – her vitals are still okay, they need to get her in to theatre for the heart operation now!

Martha is at home when there’s a knock at the door – she opens it and comes face to face with Corey! He lunges for her as… Martha jumps with a start waking in a cold sweat She’s seriously rattled by her dream – the Corey incident is still affecting her deeply. Meanwhile, Josh comes into the Surf Club and approaches Amanda. He smiles as he tells her Hayley’s had the baby. The question now is: will Amanda tell them the truth about the baby’s father?

Kim’s cuddling baby Noah, talking to him – telling his son how much he loves him… Irene and Hyde watch for a moment, then approach. Hyde – How is he? Kim looks up and smiles – he’s perfectly healthy. Kim really believes it was some kind of miracle that things could work out so well under the circumstances. Flynn emerges from theatre, saying that the operation went well. There’s relief all around. The specialist has managed to repair Hayley’s heart. Meanwhile, Martha’s been moping around the house in her robe and Alf’s worried. He wants her to get out and get a bit of fresh air. But Martha insists she’s fine. Alf knows how stubborn she is – he also knows what it’s like to go through something like that. Maybe she needs to talk to someone? But Martha isn’t keen. Alf keeps pushing and Martha snaps a little – I’m fine! I can deal with it! But Alf is left worried…

Hayley opens her eyes and see Scott looking down at her. She smiles when she sees him (but she’s still weak and groggy). Hayley asks – the baby? Scott says the baby’s fine…you had a little boy…little Noah. Hayley is teary… Hayley – How did you know where I was? Scott – I followed my gut. Hayley smiles as they both realise there were far greater powers at work (the link between the two is undeniable). Kim appears at the door, little Noah in his hands… Kim – someone wants to see their mummy. Hayley tears up as Kim hands the baby over to her. Scott and Irene move out from Hayley’s room and in to the corridor…where Scott is stunned to see Amanda sitting waiting. She knows Scott has every reason to be angry with her, but there’s something he needs to know… Amanda is going to tell Scott the truth about the paternity, but Scott becomes really cutting and Amanda darkens, leaving Scott seething –oblivious to the fact that he’s just been responsible for not finding out the truth about the baby!

Graham spots Amanda in a quiet corner of the Diner. He mentions he’s sticking around the Bay, explaining that he sold the farm for a tidy $2 mill. At the mention of the money, Amanda’s ears prick up. Graham moves off, as Josh comes in and approaches Amanda. He’s going away for a few weeks, he expects her to have decided how she’s getting the money by then. Amanda smiles – she already knows how she’s going to get it. Amanda’s going after Graham’s money!!

Meanwhile, Jack voices his concerns to Alf about Martha. Meanwhile, Martha’s at home when she finds something of Corey’s amongst her stuff. INSERT FLASHES: Of Corey holding Martha in a headlock. Martha’s heart races and she hyperventilates, experiencing a full-blown panic attack.

Guest Cast

Twenty-seventh appearance, last seen in Episode #4050. Attended to Hayley following her dramatic birth to baby Noah.

Final episode.


Return appearance, last seen in Episode #4073. Appeared as a terrifying vision to a distraught Martha.



Noah Hyde’s middle name is stated as Jonathan.

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