Episode 4079

Australian Air Date: 27th October 2005
UK Air Date: 13th April 2006
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Martha’s struggle to cope in the wake of the assault takes a horrifying twist. Dan is haunted by his secret past.

Extended Summary

Martha’s struggling to breathe as she slumps onto the floor – her heart pounding… Ric and Cassie rush in and call for help. At the hospital, Flynn explains that she had a panic attack (pts). Alf’s worried and wants her to consider counseling but Martha remains defiant – she can deal with it… Meanwhile, up the corridor, Leah and Dan wait for their IVF appointment – it has been two weeks since implantation and today they find out if she’s pregnant. Leah’s hopeful, but Dan reminds her that it could take them a few goes before anything happens. Leah knows – but as their eyes meet, Dan can see how much she wants this.

Jack comes up with an idea to help Martha, but he’ll need Ric and Cassie’s help. Ric and Cassie arrive at the Surf Club with Martha. She can’t believe they’ve talked her into doing a self defense class… They enter and then we reveal Jack’s the instructor! Martha shakes her head. She doesn’t need help from him! But Jack pipes up – these classes are about helping yourself! Jack pulls her out in front of the class and they start working through a simple, but extremely effective, self defense move. Martha is reluctant to play along at first – but Jack’s enthusiasm is hard not to get caught up in. She pulls a few moves on Jack, surprised how effective she is! The more she gets into it, the more she starts to enjoy it. Jack smiles – maybe his plan’s working after all?

Leah and Dan wait anxiously in the room for Flynn to return with the results. But when he does – it’s not good news. She’s not pregnant. Leah’s crushed. Flynn watches their devastation, unsure how to comfort given his role in her condition. His job’s starting to take its toll on him and he looks very pale and drained. Sitting at the desk in the classroom, Sally’s finished her paperwork. She rubs her temples in strain. Its hard work carrying on like nothing is different in her life. Feeling weak, Flynn arrives at the school to pick Sally up. He pauses outside the classroom door to catch his breath and compose himself. He watches her, then, steels himself before walking in to the room with a smile on his face. Sally sees him and smiles back – the strain disappearing from her face. They share a hug and turn to walk out of the room. Both facing the same way, they allow their true feelings to show on their faces and we see how hard Flynn’s illness is for both of them. Back at the Diner, Leah is quiet, distracted and withdrawn. Dan moves to her and Leah explains the doubts running through her mind: they haven’t got the cash to keep forking out for IVF treatment at $3500 a go. Dan tells her that they will find the money, but it all seems so hopeless to Leah and she becomes emotional. Alf and Colleen interrupt with talk about the races tomorrow. Colleen has a hot tip from Madge; Dan becomes thoughtful…

Class is over and Martha is feeling much better. Until, Jack moves up behind her (unseen) and puts his arm on her shoulder. It catches Martha off-guard and she has suddenly flashes back to Corey. She rushes from the Gym, really freaking out now as her panic takes hold. As Martha sprints away, Jack’s left worried about her extreme reaction. Martha races into the diner apartment, locking the door behind her. She’s visibly shaken and still panting, but there’s a sense of relief now that she’s inside. After a beat, Martha breaks down… What’s happening to her?!

Dan takes a deep breath, hesitates then pulls out his phone and calls Morgan Barrett, an old mate who is surprised to hear from Dan after so long. Dan asks Morgan if he knows who is working the Yabbie Creek Races tomorrow. What is Dan going to do? Meanwhile, a target board is having shots fired at it. Then we reveal that the shoots are coming from Martha. She’s at a shooting range, head-muffs on her eyes, as she holds the pistol in her hands. Her face is emotionless as she continues to squeeze out shot … after shot… after shot…

Guest Cast

Former bookie associate of Dan’s who he rang up prior to the race day.