Episode 4150

Australian Air Date: 24th March 2006
Writer: Phil Lloyd
Director: Cameron Welsh

Amanda and Josh face off in a violent showdown. Summer Bay unites in a final, desperate bid to prevent Project 56. Sally, Colleen and Baby Pippa head off on their big adventure. The dead body of Josh West is left lying on the floor.

Extended Summary

Amanda is feeling much safer now that she has her gun. Dan fires questions at her about Josh, but she is too distracted to answer him, she rushes Dan out. Dan says this can’t continue and heads out with Amanda begging him to not call the police… Dan confronts Josh at the gym and tells him to stay away from Ryan. Josh makes a crack about Dan’s gambling. He grabs Josh by the collar and slams him against a wall, threatening to hurt him if he dares to touch Ryan. Josh calls his thug and demands he ‘do it’. The thug burst into Amanda’s apartment, Amanda is standing next to the gun – she’s in control this time. She orders them out of her home! Amanda marches into Josh’s office and pulls the gun on him and tells him to never mess with her again. Hyde is in the corridor with his council letter in hand, he can hear the discussions taking place. Meanwhile, Josh edges towards Amanda, telling her she just isn’t the type to pull the trigger. Amanda drops the gun, he picks it up – she begs to get out of this whole mess, but he won’t let her!

Morag conducts a town meeting to address the issue of Project 56 – the construction of the bridge starts tomorrow and time is running out! Hyde arrives, clearly unnerved by what he heard take place between Amanda and Josh, as the evil duo enter. Josh does all the talking, while Amanda stands by, not her usual self. Beth clocks Amanda’s unusual manner… After the meeting, Josh berates Amanda for not being supportive -why should she be? He reminds her that she will be under his thumb forever if she doesn’t watch it. Hyde shares what he heard between Amanda and Josh with Beth and Tony. Beth is very curious about Amanda’s sudden turn around, meanwhile Martha wants to tear Josh limb from limb – he’s proposed to take out Stewart’s Point as part of the construction, which was named after her family! She follows Josh into his office and confronts him – he tries to guide her out, but she shoves him! Jack enters and takes Martha out as Morag makes it clear that she will bring Josh down, it’s only time now! Josh is left feeling the pressure!

Sally is on her way to let Colleen know that there was a mix up with the Italy ticket – but when she sees Colleen is learning Italian by language tapes Sally can’t bring herself to break her heart. She tells Leah that she can’t bare the thought of spending two weeks away with Colleen, not knowing that Colleen has overheard! Colleen rushes off, Sally follows her and apologises. She asks Colleen to join her in Italy to say thanks for being such help during Flynn’s illness. Colleen accepts, smiling again! Sally tells the kids about the trip – they think it’s a great idea. Sally calls the travel agent – there is a flight tonight – time to get packing! Everyone drops in to say their goodbyes to Sally, Pippa and Colleen, wishing them well. Flynn would be proud…

Later that night, Morag is furious to learn that someone has broken into the Diner apartment and taken her files and laptop! She won’t let Josh get away with this! Peter and Jack arrive at the Council Office with a search warrant and take documents. Nothing is found…

Beth confronts Amanda about how awkward she was at the town meeting – Amanda lets her know that if she could get out of the project she would – but there is no way out. She has said too much and demands Beth to leave. Beth fills everyone in on what Amanda said – it is obvious that this is all Josh’s doing and Amanda is just his puppet! If he wasn’t around all of these problems would be solved.

Josh takes out Morag’s files from a hidden compartment. He smiles to himself as he looks over the secrets of Summer Bay’s townsfolk. His moment of joy is interrupted by a knock at the door. A loud bang is heard and as a shadow exits the room the dead body of Josh West is revealed lying on the floor! Oh my god – who killed Josh West?!