Episode 4151

Australian Air Date: 27th March 2006
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Everyone’s a suspect as the hunt for Josh West’s killer begins. Morag races the clock to try and stop Amanda from launching the construction of Project 56.

Extended Summary

Josh lay dead on the floor, as his murderer moves around the Council Office in search of something. A gloved hand reaches into a secret compartment in the desk and retrieves Morag’s confidential files, before disappearing out of sight. Josh’s secretary arrives for work and moves over to Josh’s door which is slightly ajar. There is a bloodied fingerprint on the door knob. Curious, she opens it, and is stunned when she sees the scene that lay before her.

The town is fired up and ready to protest the start of the Project 56 construction. Matilda and Lucas have prepared banners and are ready for a fight, but the others are not so enthusiastic. Martha and Ric are both lost in their own thoughts, much to the frustration of Jack and Cassie. Jack questions Martha why she disappeared last night but Martha insists she had a lot on her mind and needed some space. Over at the Beach House, Irene is also preparing for the protest. Tasha and Robbie opt out with the excuse she is not feeling well due to her pregnancy but a look between the couple hints that her pregnancy is not the only secret they are hiding! The crowd are gathered including the investors and media who are starting to get anxious – Amanda and Josh have not yet appeared. Amanda finally arrives to the boo of the crowd and tries her best to mask her nerves as she prepares to face the battle alone. Beth approaches her and insists it’s not too late to pull out of the deal – it’s not worth whatever Josh has over her. Amanda tells Beth she’s done everything she can. Beth is puzzled by her cryptic message. Amanda is hiding a lot more than she’s letting on!

Morag is running late to the protest. With Hyde and Leah in tow they hurriedly race to her car, when Hyde notices an envelope on her windscreen. Morag’s face lights up with surprise as she reads the letter enclosed. They arrive at the protest and Morag demands that everything be stopped! Amanda is poised to cut the ribbon when Morag announces she has the proof that Josh is linked to Tiverson. Given his position as Town Mayor, Project 56 is illegal and must come to an end!! There are intense cheers but Beth clocks Amanda’s odd reaction of relief and not disappointment. In the middle of the chaos, Jack receives a phone call and is shocked by the news….Josh West is dead! Everyone is reeling from the shocking announcement but some are reserved – could one of them be hiding the truth behind Josh’s murder?

Jack and Peter are at the scene, trying to piece together the clues. Josh died due to a bullet wound to the chest but no weapon has yet been found. Peter and Jack know their work is cut out for them, given the amount of threats Josh received. Morag is the first brought in for questioning. Peter suggests it is strange the document revealing the truth behind Project 56 appeared when it was needed most and more suspiciously, on same day as Josh’s death. Morag believes it’s a ridiculous suggestion that she involved but clearly Peter is not convinced. Ric is next in line and stumbles in his interrogation to explain where he was last night. Ric promises as much as he thought Josh got what he deserved, he did not kill him! Ric returns home, exhausted by the interview, only to be questioned by Cassie. An argument erupts and Ric is stunned his own girlfriend is suspicious. Ric is defensive, although he does not deny any involvement – so what is he hiding? The Police Station is abuzz and Peter and get the tip off that Amanda will now get Tiverson shares worth 4 million dollars! There’s one hell of a motive!! Amanda is dragged in for an interrogation, but she protests her innocence. They have no evidence to lay any charges. The hunt continues – if only they could find the murder weapon!

A shadowy figure stands in darkness on the edge of the Beach. A gun is hurled into the water. The killer walks away having taken care of hiding the weapon. Will they ever find the vital clue to solving Josh’s murder now?

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