Episode 4152

Australian Air Date: 28th March 2006
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Peter gains new information which places Amanda under suspicion. In a desperate bid to escape arrest, Amanda attempts to flee Summer Bay. Ric struggles to hide his guilty secret about his involvement in Josh’s death.

Extended Summary

Ric is walking off steam following his argument with Cassie. Belle races to catch up with him. Ric confides he can’t believe his own girlfriend suspected him of being involved in the murder. Belle is curious then as to why Ric is being so defensive – if he wasn’t involved then what does it matter? Ric’s hesitation arouses Belle’s suspicions and finally Ric admits he is in big trouble…What has he done?

The police station is a hive of activity. Peter is determined to find the weapon and the killer! Fitzgerald barges in with fresh news back from forensics – they have a match to the fingerprints found on the door knob. Amanda is protesting her innocence, insisting it is impossible her fingerprints are a match! Peter knows Amanda has the ability to put on a good performance and now is not the time to play games! He informs Amanda they want to search her apartment, but to their frustration, the permission for the warrant is delayed and Amanda is set free. Peter sends Jack to follow her and under no circumstances can she disappear from their sight!

Ric sneaks out of the house carrying a huge bag. Cassie catches him in the act and is only angered more when Ric moves off, refusing to tell her anything. Cassie follows Ric and is shocked to see Ric hand over the bag to Belle. Belle promises she won’t let him get in trouble, although the conversation is unheard by Cassie, she is increasingly suspicious. Back at home a big fight erupts. Cassie can’t believe Ric’s hanging out with Belle and he can’t believe she’d accuse him of murdering someone! They realise they have reached a point of no return – their relationship is in ruins!

Jack and co watch as Amanda pulls into the driveway and heads up to her apartment. Jack receives a call from Peter – good news, he’s just received the search warrant and he’s on his way! Peter arrives and they knock on the door but there’s no answer. They get the door open and barge in but are stunned to see the apartment is empty and things packed up in boxes. Amanda has done a runner! Meanwhile, Amanda is speeding along the road. She is on the phone demanding her money be transferred to an off shore account and a plane booked to be out of the country by the end of the day. Amanda is a fugitive on the run! Peter, Jack and team are continuing their frantic search for clues when they discover one of Amanda’s stillettos with blood on it and a magazine with cut outs – possibly those used for the death threat Josh received! Back at the station, Peter is quick to organise a roadblock, but Dan races in with the news that Amanda picked up Ryan from his Grandma’s and they are headed for the airport. Amanda is speeding along. She looks to a road sign – 2kms to go and she’s a free woman. But as she is about to get onto the plane two police officers arrive and Amanda is handcuffed. It’s all over now!

Peter is pushing Amanda hard in the interrogation now. He tells her he knows of Josh’s scare tactics and threats and questions if that drove her to kill him. Amanda continues to protest her innocence. Peter asks her to explain the blood found on her stiletto and she realises she can’t avoid it. Amanda explains she went to see Josh but not with the intention of killing him. But to her shock, when she arrived, Josh was already dead and in her efforts to rouse him she got blood on her shoe and hands. Hence, the evidence found in her apartment and at the crime scene. Peter is silenced as he processes the information. Amanda is stunned as Peter begins to read her rights…Amanda is arrested for his murder. Amanda is defending her innocence – but if she didn’t kill Josh, then could the killer still be lurking??

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