Episode 4149

Australian Air Date: 23rd March 2006
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Cameron Welsh

Amanda goes to extraordinary lengths to protect herself from Josh. Irene learns the mystery behind Belle’s return to the Bay. A mix-up with the airline tickets sees Colleen preparing for an overseas jaunt with Sally!

Extended Summary

Sally is finding her return to teaching difficult after Flynn’s death. She agrees with Leah that perhaps she went back to work too soon and arranges for Dan to take her classes for the following day. Dan arrives to collect class notes from Sally and despite the recent tensions between Dan and Leah, she suggests he stay for lunch with them. He can’t today, but appreciates the gesture. Perhaps they can co-exist without tension after all? Leah heads off soon after lunch and Sally starts on some cleaning. While sorting out some drawers, the contents spill and she finds the tickets she bought for Flynn to Italy. She had forgotten all about them. Sally calls the travel agent – the tickets are still valid. Colleen enters and Sally lets her know she is thinking about going to Italy with Baby Pippa and is wondering who to give the spare ticket to. Colleen not so subtly hints that she would like it, but Sal thinks she is suggesting Leah… Sally takes an envelope, containing the spare ticket to Italy, and puts it on the counter for Leah to see when she returns. Moments later, Colleen walks in and finds the ticket with a note saying ‘come to Italy with me!’ – She’s thrilled! Uh oh… Leah arrives at Sal’s place, not mentioning the ticket Sally left her. As Sal questions Leah about it Colleen bowls in, giddy with excitement about the trip – uh oh…

Belle continues to collect information that might help her find her mum. She is leafing through her ‘searching for mum’ notebook when Irene comes down the stairs. Belle hides it, Irene notices but doesn’t say anything. Irene apologises for the current mood in the house at the moment – there’s a lot going on with Tasha’s pregnancy etc, and Belle turned up in the middle of it! Belle mentions that she is going to move on soon, but Irene doesn’t want her staying on the streets again. Irene convinces Belle to stay at the house a few more days – Belle agrees, as long as she pays her own way – she doesn’t want to bludge.

Later that day, Peter sees Belle trying to break into a car with a piece of wire – she panics and bolts! Moments later, Belle is hurriedly packing her bag and tells Irene that she’s heading off. Irene is confused by the urgency as Belle rushes out with her things, desperate to leave. Peter stops Belle at the door! He calls the station as Irene rips into Belle. Peter gets off the phone to reveal Belle’s parents have been looking for her for days – he’s tried to call them, but there’s no answer. Belle hits the roof – how dare he try to call them! Irene tries to calm her down, but she won’t listen and runs from the house. Belle walks the main road trying to hitch a lift when Irene drives up. Irene lets her know that she has spoken to Belle’s parents and that they are fine for her to ‘do her own thing’. Irene gets the truth out of Belle about being adopted and Irene lets her know that she has helped a lot of kids out in times of need. She invites Belle to stay long term, if she wants it and eventually Belle agrees. Belle unpacks her things back at the house and Irene sees the journal and questions her on it. She tells Irene that she is looking for her real mum and shows her the photo – Irene comments that she must be quite a mature woman now looking at how old the photo is. Belle hadn’t thought of that before… Irene can see how determined this young lady is to find her mum.

Amanda is confronted by Josh who holds his death threat letter – was this meant to scare me? Amanda denies any involvement with the note and tells him that he isn’t welcome to come back in on their deal. Josh makes a subtle threat about Ryan which sends Amanda off – she shoves him out of the doorway. Amanda is left rattled. Later that afternoon she hears noises at the door – thinking it is Josh, she opens the door, frying pan in hand – it’s Dan. She covers with a story which he buys. Josh has really gotten to her… That afternoon, Ryan is playing with his cars when a brick flies through the window smashing the car set, nearly hitting Ryan! Later that day Amanda is walking Ryan home as he eats an ice cream when a car swerves by and nearly runs him over – Josh means business…

A shocked Amanda reveals all to Dan who can’t believe it! He wants to call the cops, but Amanda doesn’t want them involved, it won’t help. Amanda confronts Josh and says she isn’t scared of him and won’t change her mind about getting Josh back in on the deal! She is much more confident when she returns home having obtained a gun!

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