Episode 4148

Australian Air Date: 22nd March 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Cameron Welsh

Rachel is suspended for breach of conduct as a consequence of her relationship with Kim. Tasha and Robbie attempt to deal with their tragic situation. Someone is threatening to kill Josh West.

Extended Summary

Rachel is preparing herself for the meeting with the Board and is worried about the outcome. Kim thinks perhaps Helpman’s sexual harassment toward her may make the Board more lenient about her relationship with Kim. Rachel isn’t so sure. St the diner Rachel is surprised to Helpman’s wife and two young kids with him – she had no idea he had a young family. Helpman sees her and approaches wondering why she isn’t at work. Rachel tells him that his bullying won’t go on for much longer. Before he gets a chance to ask why, Mrs Helpman appears – she seems lovely, and Dr Helpman puts on the sickening, ‘wonderful family man’ act. Rachel is assured that she is doing the right thing reporting him!

Rachel heads out and is jogging near the beach pool when she sees Helpman up ahead. She rushes over to see little Ned unconscious, with Helpman performing unsuccessful CPR. Rachel steps in and recommences CPR – after a few moments Ned starts breathing – she has saved his life! At the hospital, Helpman reports that Ned is stable – Helpman is clearly shaken yet genuinely thankful to Rachel. With this incident behind her she hopes this will change things between her and Helpman – but she is clearly mistaken when later that day he arrives at her door with a bunch of flowers to say thanks and gives her the weeks schedule. Rachel is only rostered on a few times – he says this is because word of her poor performance has travelled – he isn’t going to go easy on her just because she saved his son! Reeling, Rachel picks up the phone and calls the CEO of the hospital!

The Hospital CEO Mr Olivetti points out that Rachel has made serious allegations against one of the most highly respected Doctors – is she aware of the repercussions here? She is aware she could destroy his career but can no longer handle the stress it is causing her. She thought she could handle it, but not anymore. Olivetti presses on and Rachel confesses that Helpman was blackmailing her, stating he would report Rachel’s relationship with Kim if she didn’t agree to Helpman’s sexual advances. Olivetti and another member of the board become very tense at this confession. They have no choice but to suspend her until the hearing for breach of conduct by being with a patient and she will most likely be struck off permanently. Rachel is devastated.

Robbie barges into the Council Chambers and lets Josh have it! Tasha’s going through hell because Josh had The Believers paying him off to stay on The Farm and he didn’t do anything to help her! Robbie threatens to expose Josh’s dodgy dealings but is reminded that he too played a part in the bribe deliveries! Security guards drag Robbie away before he has a chance to attack Josh! Robbie returns to the Beach House, all riled up – Tasha lets him know that this situation is hard enough without Robbie going off like that. She rushes out, upset. Robbie follows and apologises – he was just trying to help her… She lets him know that she needs his support in deciding what to do – she isn’t sure whether to keep the baby or not. Robbie is stunned! They debate the pros and cons of keeping the baby. Considering how it was conceived, Tasha doesn’t know if she can go through with it – but who is she to deny this unborn baby of life? Robbie promises to be by Tasha’s side either way. Tasha takes a walk, trying to make the best decision. Eventually Tasha returns and reveals that she can’t get rid of the baby. Robbie takes the news in and lets her know that all that matters is that they give the baby all the love it needs. Tasha is touched by his support.

Back at the Council Chambers, Josh goes through his mail when he pulls out an odd looking letter. He opens it and is rattled to read the words ‘You are dead!’ printed across the paper!!

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