Episode 4053

Australian Air Date: 21st September 2005
UK Air Date: 8th March 2006
Writer: Phil Lloyd
Director: Mark Piper

As Amanda struggles to decide how to proceed in the wake of her discovery, a tragic accident threatens to change everything. Irene’s nerves get the better of her in the aftermath of the accident. A night of wild partying turns dangerous for Martha.

Extended Summary

Amanda moves back to Kim, Hayley and Scott, the paternity results in her bag. She’s desperately trying to hide how flustered she is. She tells Scott she needs to go and hurries out, leaving the others bemused. As Amanda rushes through the car park, she steps out in front of Irene’s car, which knocks her to the ground – out cold! Scott rushes out, panicked as Hayley comforts Irene. On the ground nearby, is Amanda’s handbag – with the paternity result sticking out of it!

Jack is completely zoned out and his fellow officer Corey Henderson calls him on it. Jack reveals that he has broken up with Martha – it just wasn’t meant to be. Martha, meanwhile, is also in a funk but refuses Tasha’s suggestions that she should try to sorts things out with Jack. Stubbornly, Martha insists a night on the town is all she needs – her and Jack are history.

At the hospital, Scott is by Amanda’s side as she comes around. He asks her what happened and as she becomes more lucid she freaks out – Where’s my handbag?! Scott says that Hayley picked it up. Amanda is wide-eyed in shock – oh my god! Out in the corridor, Hayley stands up to get Irene a coffee and accidentally knocks Amanda’s bag on to the floor, sending the contents (including the results) spilling out… Amanda appears at the door of her room, as Hayley picks up the results. Desperate, Amanda quickly creates a distraction, barking at Irene about the accident and insisting they all leave! Phew, that was too close!

Martha’s looking a million bucks as she waits for Tasha in the Diner. Corey comes in and starts to chat her up a little, clearly interested… Jack comes in behind him. There’s awkwardness between Martha and Jack and Corey realises who he’s been talking to… Jack’s ex! Tasha arrives and Martha makes it clear to Jack that they’re up for a big night as she’s moving on. Later at the bar, Tasha thinks Martha is deluding herself about being over Jack, but Martha’s steadfast that she is. Before long, Drew (a cute 30-something) comes up and asks Martha if she wants to dance. Martha happily accepts as Tasha watches on, warily.

Driving Martha home, Drew takes a diversion to the lighthouse, explaining that he just thought they should stop for a while, chat… But it’s clear he wants to do more than ‘chat’, and Martha is uncomfortable. She tries to keep it casual, saying she’d really prefer to go home – but as Drew pulls the car to a stop it’s clear he isn’t backing off. Martha’s cornered, but as he leans over to kiss her a torch light beams through the window… It’s Jack and Corey, out on patrol! Jack’s saved Martha from the situation – but the embarrassment on her face is excruciating. Corey drops Martha home and there is a distinct frisson between them – Corey’s clearly interested in her.

At home, Irene is with Kim and Hayley when she hears a noise, and thinks she sees someone outside… But again, no-one else sees it. Irene checks the windows – before moving off to bed. Left alone, Hayley and Kim discuss their worry for Irene – she’s being really on edge. Kim thinks the accident clearly has rattled her, but unbeknownst to them, the house is being watched!

Amanda questions Scott about Hayley’s baby, trying to suss out what would happen if she revealed the truth about the paternity results. Scott apologises again for not telling her about the birthing class thing, but Amanda’s not convinced. As soon as he’s gone, Amanda pulls out the paternity results… After a long beat, Amanda tears them up… She’s obviously not going to tell the truth… Meanwhile, Irene wakes up and emerges to find the place broken in to and trashed!

Guest Cast

Return episode, last seen in Episode #4046. Began wooing Martha following her bust-up with Jack.

Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4018. Informed Scott of Amanda’s condition after the accident.

Sleazy bloke at the dance who tried to take things too far with a flirtatious Martha.

Tried chatting up Tasha at the dance.

Assisted Dr. Green with Amanda’s injuries.

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