Episode 4052

Australian Air Date: 20th September 2005
UK Air Date: 7th March 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Mark Piper

Heartbreak and grief engulf Flynn and Sally in the wake of Flynn’s diagnosis. Amanda is stunned to learn that Scott is really the father of Hayley’s baby. An accidental meeting brings Scott and Hayley closer.

Extended Summary

Sally sits in stunned silence, as Flynn explains that he isn’t going to get better. Sally crumbles and all Flynn can do is hold her as she cries, determined to stay strong for her sake.

Meanwhile, Hayley goes to the country house to make wedding plans. To her surprise, Scott’s there, helping the owner with his horses. Seeing as they already know each other, the owner suggests Scott shows Hayley around the place. They smile at each other – stuck together again!

Flynn looks at the photos on the mantle – a whirlpool of emotions inside him. Sally, more composed now, asks Flynn how it got to this point without him, a doctor, realizing. As he explains, her mood moves to anger. How dare he to this to them?! How dare he leave them?! Flynn restrains his own tears, as Sally hurries from the house. On the beach, she collapses on the sand in tears… Whilst at home, Flynn’s anger gets the better of him and he hurls something across the room… It hits the wedding photo on the mantle and it to the ground, smashing…

Sally returns immediately repentant and they hold each other tight. When they eventually break, Flynn says they need to find some way to get through this… Sally can’t face making plans; it makes it all so…final. Flynn pushes on, saying he doesn’t want to tell the kids – not until they’ve had time to begin dealing with it themselves. Sally agrees. A silence falls. Out of it, Sally says– you’re my life. Flynn pulls her in to a hug again, and they cling to each other for dear life.

Amanda’s at the gym, releasing some of her pent up angst (mostly anger at herself). Kim can see that Amanda is insecure about Scott and Hayely – he’s been there and felt that – but there is nothing is going on there anymore… Meanwhile, Hayley and Scott are laughing as they talk wedding plans. Everything that Hayley suggests, Scott thinks is amazing – and vice versa. It feels like this should be their wedding they’re planning! These two are made for each other…

Lost in a reverie, Flynn wanders the beach, still in shock. He props when he sees…a young family up ahead (much like his own). He watches them, pained – a picture of what he is going to lose… Alf comes over and spies the tears forming in his eyes – clearly something dreadful is wrong…

Amanda asks if Kim thinks Scott and Hayley would still be together if the baby was theirs. Kim – of course they would be – they had something really strong – but Kim reminds her that the baby is not Scott’s, it’s his. Amanda takes this in thoughtfully… Meanwhile, Scott shows Hayley back to her car, she trips and Scott catches her. The close physical proximity is not lost on either of them as they look into each others’ eyes. However much they deny it, the love is still there.

Sally sits watching her wedding video, struggling to hold it together. Alf arrives a knowing look on his face – and that’s all it takes for Sally to break down again. Alf hurries over and holds her. Near the lighthouse, Flynn is alone now, staring out over the Bay. Finally, he allows himself to break down to a heaving sob… A man coming to terms that he’s going to die…

Scott and Amanda arrive at the Surf Club for a drink…and are surprised to see Hayley and Kim there. They join them for a drink. It’s a little stilted and awkward to begin with but things start to ease a little as the conversation starts up. Amanda’s mobile rings – it’s Darryl – his helper is in the other room – and he has the results! Amanda heads out to meet him and is shocked to discover that Scott is the true father of Hayley’s baby!

Guest Cast

Ranch owner who showed Hayley around his property during her preparations for the wedding.

Informed Bill that he had a phone call.

Was spotted by Flynn playing with her family on the beach as he tried to cope with his devastating news.

Contact of Darryl Wickermann’s who handed Amanda the results of the paternity test.

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