Episode 4051

Australian Air Date: 19th September 2005
UK Air Date: 6th March 2006
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Mark Piper

Flynn’s life is changed in an instant, when a horrifying realisation sends his world crashing down around him. Amanda edges closer to discovering the truth about the paternity of Hayley’s baby.

Extended Summary

Sally’s on the phone, confirming a (secret) booking when Flynn arrives home. Sally senses his subdued mood, but puts it down to Dr Free’s death. Flynn doesn’t tell her any different, but when she moves off, his face reveals the true level of his torment; the fear that he has cancer.

Amanda finds out from Darryl that she needs to get hold of the paternity test samples in order to re-do the test. Scott returns home and Amanda is not pleased to learn that he went to the birthing class with Hayley. She heads off, leaving Scott worried that she’s annoyed he was with Hayley… At the hospital, Bert, a young lab boy, sees that Amanda looks lost and asks if she needs any help? Amanda says she’s just heard about Dr. Free’s terrible accident, but she’d arranged to pick up her samples today. Who should she talk to? Bert says he’ll chase it up and asks her name. Amanda smiles – Hayley Lawson… Bert returns with the samples saying that he needs an approval form signed by a doctor. Amanda uses all of her feminine charms to convince Bert to break the rules, just this once, and give them to her. The poor horny lab boy doesn’t stand a chance.

Flynn’s playing with Pippa, attentive and focused on his beautiful daughter. Sally watches him, then offers a comforting hug re: Dr Free’s death. Without raising Sally’s suspicions Flynn comments that you never know when your number’s up. Sally leaves on some secret business. Left alone, Flynn continues to play with Pippa, concern clear in his eyes. An excited Sally goes to see Leah and reveals that she’s secretly organizing a trip to Italy for her and Flynn. She’s going to get a suitcase and fill it with lots of Italian stuff and present it to him.

Amanda hands Darryl the samples and thanks him for his help. Darryl tells her that if she’s having financial problems, she can always do some work for Cameron. Amanda smiles and shakes her head – saying she doesn’t do that kind of work any more. She turns to leave, but Darryl calls out – not even for twenty grand? Amanda turns back – will she be tempted? Amanda receives a message from her liaison – he’s on his way to Summer Bay! Panicked, she takes Cam’s business card out and dials the number. There’s repulsion on her face – but she has no choice… She meets Cameron, a photographer, on the rocks. He takes a couple of shots of her in a skimpy bikini then tells her to take her top off. Amanda does without hesitation, but then Cameron says – it’s time to lose the bottoms too – Amanda’s stunned! She’s about to go through with it when Ryan calls to remind her about his school play that morning. After hearing her son, Amanda tells Cameron to stuff it and rushes off. However, at the diner she discovers she’s too late and missed Ryan. Feeling dreadful, she returns home and begins to sob, disgusted at herself.

Flynn’s at the hospital getting his biopsy results. The news is not good… The mole was cancerous. Flynn’s heart skips a beat as Dr Matthews explains they want to send him straight in for further tests to see how far the cancer has spread. Meanwhile, at home Sally excitedly pulls out all the things she’s gathered for Flynn’s surprise, oblivious to what’s unfolding… As Flynn fearfully undergoes the necessary scans for a diagnosis, Dr Matthews looks at the monitor, concerned. After the tests, Flynn sits opposite as Dr Greg Matthews explains the cancer has spread to his liver – Flynn is going to die! Sally’s on the floor, playing with Pippa, when Flynn appears at the door. He watches them for a time, tears in his eyes, then approaches – how does he say this? The suitcase remains on the coffee table, a symbol of the life they should have been looking forward to – destroyed forever. As Flynn tells Sally that he has cancer, she melts in his arms.

Guest Cast


Ninth appearance, last seen in Episode #4020. Took a sympathy call at the hospital regarding Dr. Free’s death.


Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4049. Assisted a sneaky Amanda with her DNA enquiries.

Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4050. Informed Flynn the devastating results of his biopsy.

First appearance. Geeky junior hospital intern used by Amanda to obtain Hayley’s DNA samples.

Sleazy photographer who snapped a money-hungry Amanda. Surname credited as ‘Crowe’ but referred to as ‘Holmes’ on his business card.

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