Episode 4050

Australian Air Date: 16th September 2005
UK Air Date: 3rd March 2006
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

In the wake of a deadly accident, Amanda makes an earth shattering discovery. Scott and Hayley find themselves in a compromising – and intimate – position. Flynn is dealt a devastating blow. The ‘URST’ between Ric and Cassie continues to simmer.

Extended Summary

Scott’s holding the money bag when Amanda arrives home. Amanda desperately tries to come up with a cover story, but Scott cuts her off saying that it must be Colleen’s missing money from the play. Poor Amanda can’t do anything! Meanwhile, Kim’s spoken to the guy at the country house Hayley found and they can have a wedding there in 3 weeks! Hayley’s pleased. So much to do, so little time… Then, she suddenly remembers she has a birthing class that afternoon! Kim has a full client list, but says he will cancel them… Hayley tells him not to cancel – they need the money.

The awkwardness Ric and Cassie is easing. Matilda arrives on seventh heaven after her date with Luc. Sally sees Matilda’s sunburn and is surprised to hear that Matilda wasn’t using sunscreen. Cassie admits she never uses sunscreen either… Sally is disturbed by the kids’ unhealthy attitudes. They have to be careful! She arranges for Flynn and a specialist to do a talk at the school.

Colleen is thrilled that Scott and Amanda found her money! She’s such a silly duffer for leaving it there. Amanda hides her worry behind a smile – where will she get more cash now. Scott calls her on it but she says she has to get to school and heads off. Kim sees Scott at a loose end and asks him whether he’ll give Hayley a lift to the birthing class. Meanwhile, Leah finishes a consultation with Dr Free re: her options – IVF, adoption etc. After she’s gone, Dr Free moves to her filing cabinet for Hayley’s file but can’t find it. Bemused, she moves back to her computer, clicks on the paternity test. Dr Free reads that the father category is ‘deleted’. What’s going on?

Flynn and Dr. Matthews talk to the school about sun awareness. Dr Matthews starts looking over Flynn (with the small UV lens) and explaining what type of mole, skin colouring he’s looking at as he goes… Afterwards, the kids file out and Sally congratulates Flynn – the talk has been a success. They’re interrupted by Dr Mathews, who asks if Flynn has a moment to talk? He’s concerned about one of Flynn’s moles and wants to do a biopsy. It doesn’t look good! Meanwhile, a frightened Amanda is back at home reading an email from her secret liaison. He isn’t happy – and now he’s on his way to Summer Bay. See you soon!

The pool game is really heating up. It’s Ric and Cassie versus Mattie and Luc. There’s lots of teasing and laughter from everyone. Ric and Cassie are getting on extremely well – they’re playing like a well oiled machine. And when Cassie sinks the final ball, they’re so excited they end up in a hug – both are aware of the URST they just shared. More URST for Hayley and Scott as they arrive at the birthing class. He’s about to head off when the instructor insists Hayley needs a partner for the exercises. There’s an awkward look between Scott and Hayley as the fathers/partners are told to move in close… Meanwhile, Ric and Cassie return home and Cassie tells Ric how much she enjoyed today. They share a look before Ric heads upstairs (the sense of hope for a future between them).

Amanda’s stressing out at home, when there’s a knock at the door – could he be here already? She opens the door to see Dr. Free, who has come to see Scott – it’s very, very important – and confidential. Amanda promises to pass on the message and Dr. Free heads off… Later, Scott arrives home white-faced. He says he has just heard Dr. Free died in a car accident this evening. Stunned, Amanda doesn’t tell Scott about her earlier visit and once he’s moved off, Amanda jumps on the phone. She calls Darryl and asks what she would need to get a paternity test re-done…? Is the truth about Hayley’s pregnancy about to be discovered?

Guest Cast

Twenty-sixth appearance, last seen in Episode #4046. Alerted Dr. Free to Hayley’s missing file.

Eighth and final appearance, last seen in Episode #4043. Was killed in a car crash off-screen following her accidental stumbling across the shocking truth behind Hayley’s paternity results.

First appearance. Colleague of Flynn’s who inadvertently discovered his enlarged mole.

Birthing coach who mistook Scott for Kim.

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