Episode 4049

Australian Air Date: 15th September 2005
UK Air Date: 2nd March 2006
Writer: Fiona Bozic
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Kit finally finds the proof she needs to expose Amanda – but will the cunning vixen be able to stop Kit before it’s too late? Leah forces herself to confront her feelings of loss over her infertility. Hayley’s wedding preparations take a magical twist

Extended Summary

Amanda emerges from the motel room, adjusting her clothes. Darryl comes out behind her in a bathrobe, and they kiss, passionately. Shocked, Kit quickly grabs her mobile phone and takes a photograph, but as Amanda walks to her car, she sees Kit who quickly drives off! Meanwhile, Leah’s still down about the baby situation. Dan says all the right things but despite his words, she doesn’t feel any better. Hayley arrives and explains that Kim wants to get married in a country house. She’s drawn a little sketch and has found one on the net she wants to go and see. She asks if Leah wants to go with her. Happy for the distraction, the girls head off!

Kit pulls up at the surf club, smiling. She checks the photo on her phone – perfect! She jumps from the car and is about to head into the Surf Club (to show Scott) when she is confronted by Amanda. There’s a struggle and Amanda shakes the phone free from Kit and it falls on the ground. The two women dive for it – but Kit grabs it first and races into the Surf Club, yelling out – ‘I’ve finally caught her out!’ Beth and Scott are concerned at the state of her. As Kit rants and raves about Amanda, Amanda comes in behind Kit and pretends to be as bemused as them. Then, when Scott tries to turn on Kit’s phone – it doesn’t work. Kit can’t believe it. It must have got damaged when it was dropped. She desperately tries to push buttons, frantically explaining, but Kit looks totally pathetic and Amanda is visibly relieved.

Matilda has fallen asleep while sunbaking. She wakes up and sees that half of her face – and her whole right arm are sunburnt! Oh no! She turns up for lunch with Luc, awkward and self conscious, her hair covering half her face and wearing long sleeves and long pants. Lucas thinks her behaviour is a little weird but he doesn’t notice the sunburn. Meanwhile, Hayley and Leah are diverted because of a road block and now they’re lost! They snap at each other in an amusing way. Concerned the venue will close before they get there, Hayley tries to call the guy on her mobile, but there’s no signal!

Matilda’s still hiding behind her hair. Luc shows her how to hold her chopsticks correctly, standing in close physical proximity to her. It looks like they might kiss, until Luc spots Matilda’s sunburn. Then, the sunstroke starts to kick in and Matilda feels sick. She races off to the toilet and Luc is left even more smitten with this girl than ever before. He gives her a charm bracelet with both ‘L’ and ‘M’ charms on it and as Mattie still feels ill, they settle for a big hug instead of a kiss.

Leah and Hayley arrive at another dead end road – now completely lost. So much for the wedding venue! Leah backs up and they come to a gate – in the distance is a small country house. When Hayley sees the house, she says – that’s it! Leah’s bemused as Hayley pulls out her sketch of Kim’s dream wedding venue and it’s uncannily similar! Leah reflects on her own baby situation and realises that even the most unwelcome diversions can lead to the right destination.

Kit’s sobbing overlooking the beach when Beth finds her. Beth puts her arm around her shoulder and says they need to get her some help… Kit cries in her arms – devastated that nobody believes her. Later with Scott, Beth mentions Amanda’s suggestion of the rehab place in the city. Kit dejectedly says she’ll go. Amanda has won and the fight has well and truly gone out of Kit. Meanwhile, Amanda’s on the phone to her mystery man, telling him that she has the cash, totally unaware that in the apartment Scott and Robbie are moving some boxes around, (including the box where the cash is hidden).

Guest Cast

Final episode. Left for an alcohol rehabilitation clinic in the city following Amanda’s deception.

First appearance. Amanda’s former dodgy associate who she slept with to obtain some quick cash.

Informed Hayley and Leah that the road ahead was closed during their search for the wedding location.