Episode 4048

Australian Air Date: 14th September 2005
UK Air Date: 1st March 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Torn between her conscience and her feelings for Jack, Martha is forced to make a life altering decision. Amanda plummets to new depths to get herself out of trouble.

Extended Summary

Jack pleads with Martha not to say anything about his bad ear. If they find out, they could throw him off the force. Martha eventually agrees on the condition that he comes clean himself. Jack reluctantly promises he will. However, as Jack’s plucking up the courage to reveal all, Sergeant McGrath arrives and tells him there’s a big stake out tonight. It’s what Jack’s been waiting for – some action… How could he tell him now?

Scott presents Amanda with a stunning necklace and Amanda is genuinely touched. As they get intimate, Amanda’s phone beeps with a text: ‘I want the next payment in 48 hours’. Once Scott has gone, Amanda fingers her new necklace and picks up the phone to call a pawnbroker, but she can’t bring herself to hurt Scott like that. Desperate, Amanda calls an old acquaintance, Darryl, to get some cash. It’s all very seductive and she agrees to meet him tonight – all night long! She then calls her secret liaison and says she’ll have the cash tomorrow, adding they don’t need to worry about the girl who was causing trouble last week, as she’s gone.

Jack’s ready for the big stakeout. He’s really excited, rabbiting on to Tony about it. Lucas shoots him a troubled look and when Tony leaves the room, Lucas says he can’t believe Jack’s said yes when his hearing is still bad! Jack tells Lucas to butt out. Then, Martha arrives and echoes Lucas’ sentiments. Jack says he going to prove he can manage in the job by doing a great job tonight. Tomorrow he’ll tell them about his ear and they can make their decision with at least one good performance under his belt. And with that, Jack walks out.

Tasha arrives home and is bemused to find Kit in the flat, searching through Amanda’s things. Kit explains that for the last week she’s been investigating Amanda… Tasha asks her if she’s been drinking. Kit admits she has, but says that has nothing to do with anything! But Tasha is not so sure. Meanwhile, a concerned Martha decides to tell Tony, who realises he has no choice but to tell Jack’s superior. He’s on his way out to the station when Jack comes in, walking on air. The stakeout was great, they even got the guy. Jack quickly takes in the mood of the room and his face falls…

Amanda is having a stiff drink, working herself up for what she has to do. She spots the photo of Ryan in her purse – a reminder as to why she is doing this. Scott comes in and Amanda comes up with a cover story – saying she has to go to the city to see her sister, Kelly. Amanda emerges from the Surf Club and hops in her car. Kit sits out of sight in her car, waiting. When Amanda drives off, Kit follows her…

Jack’s come clean about his ear and has been confined to desk work. Martha tries to defend why she did what she did – but Jack is annoyed and an argument ensues. In the heat of the moment, Jack says – he wouldn’t even be in this position if… He trails but Martha finishes his sentence – if it wasn’t for me? She walks out, angry. Meanwhile, Amanda pulls up outside a motel. Kit surreptitiously pulls up behind her and watches on as Amanda adjusts her hair and makeup and knocks on the door to one of the rooms. The door opens (but we don’t see who is inside) and Amanda goes in. Kit watches on, wide-eyed with curiosity…

Guest Cast


Fourth appearance, last seen in Episode #3965. Informed Jack of his need for him in a high-risk stake-out.


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