Episode 4047

Australian Air Date: 13th September 2005
UK Air Date: 28th February 2006
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Ric’s desperate bid to clear his name goes horribly wrong when Flynn ends up being held hostage by a mad man. Martha confronts Jack about his deception.

Extended Summary

Flynn doesn’t think it’s any surprise Aden’s pressing charges on Ric, especially since Ric accused Sean of bashing him. Flynn’s angry at the injustice of the situation, but Ric on the other hand, is barely saying anything. They’re all heading out of the hospital when they cross with Sean. Flynn hangs back, quietly menacing, as he subtly warns Sean that he’s on to him. As they head off, we see just how unnerved Sean is, despite his bravado.

Aden’s downbeat and quiet. Cassie thinks it’s because he’s going to miss the upcoming game with the selector – unaware of the real reason for his quietness (his guilt). Sean appears and sends Cassie out. Cassie thinks this is really odd but she obliges. Once she’s gone, Aden tells Sean he reckons they should come clean, but Sean won’t let Aden back out now. The tension between them is palpable and Aden tells Sean to leave. In the corridor, Jack assures Sean he will get the person responsible for beating Ric. Cassie witnesses Sean’s guilty reaction – what’s going on? Hyde arrives at Summer Bay house and says he hates to do this, but he has no choice – Ric’s suspended from School pending the court case. If Ric is found guilty, he will be expelled. Ric’s crushed and wonders if he’ll have to leave town to find a new school; lose Sally, Flynn, Grandad and Martha? Meanwhile, Aden’s in a weird mood and Cassie wonders if it has anything to do with Sean? Aden snaps at her – Sean had nothing to do with this, alright! Cassie’s shocked by Aden’s outburst. Aden apologises, but we can see that Cassie is starting to doubt his word.

Flynn realises Ric has gone out and he knows exactly where… As: Ric pounds on the door of Sean’s place demanding that Sean tells the cops the truth. Ric goads and Sean is almost tempted to hit him, until he realises Ric’s trying to set him up. He got away with it once but he’s not stupid enough to do it again…! Flynn arrives just in time to hear Sean’s admission and the game is up… Ric waits outside as Sean tries bargaining with Flynn saying Aden will drop the charges against Ric. But Flynn tells him – No deal. The next guy he bashes might not wake up. As Flynn turns to leave, a desperate Sean pulls him inside and slams the door. Outside Sean’s house, Ric calls the police, worried about Flynn. But when the call comes through to Jack’s radio, Jack mishears the address! Ric’s still outside, desperately waiting for the police but there’s no sign of them. Inside, Flynn’s managed to calm Sean and when he lowers his guard, Flynn makes a move towards the door and the two men end up in a struggle… Meanwhile, Jack and Harper are knocking on the wrong door and there’s no answer. The call comes through again and Harper hears the correct address. Jack’s heart sinks! Harper’s furious and berates Jack as they jump in the car and speed away… Ric sees the cop car and waves at them to stop… Inside, Sean manages to knock Flynn to the ground. Things are about to go very wrong for Flynn, when Harper knocks the door open and Jack races inside, restraining Sean and saving the day. Phew!

Talking to Cassie, Aden slips up about Sean’s alibi. He tries to cover but Cassie’s on to him. Cassie’s furious – Ric could have been seriously hurt. Aden tries to defend himself, but as far as Cass is concerned – it’s over between them! Back at home, Cassie apologises for not believing Ric. He was right about Aden!

Meanwhile, Martha’s giving Jack heaps of kisses, when they’re interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Harper and he rips into Jack for stuffing up the address. Once Harper is gone, Martha realises – it’s your ear, isn’t it? Jack begs her to keep it to herself. If work found out, it will destroy his career!

Guest Cast

Twenty-sixth appearance, last seen in Episode #4034. Accosted Jack after his secret hearing problem caused them to attend the wrong address.

Final episode. Was dumped by Cassie after the revelation he had been covering for his brother.

Final episode. Was arrested following his battle with Flynn.


Ric Dalby mentions that he has already repeated a year (possibly a reference to correct the continuity error in Episode #3899).