Episode 4046

Australian Air Date: 12th September 2005
UK Air Date: 27th February 2006
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

In the wake of the assault, a web of lies closes in on Ric, putting his reputation – and his freedom – on the line.

Extended Summary

Ric is still lying on the ground, out cold!

Flynn, Sally and Cassie arrive at the hospital to see Aden. His older brother, Sean, is with him. Flynn notices Sean’s hand is cut (from the attack on Ric) and calls him on it. Sean lies in response, saying he did it at work on a building site. Meanwhile, Hyde locks up the school and is heading off when he stumbles across Ric, lying beaten on the ground. Hyde rushes him to the hospital, managing to rouse him a little but Ric’s very groggy… Cassie sees Ric and rushes over to him. In the background, Sean slips out unnoticed…

Alf and Martha arrive at the hospital as Ric returns from X-Ray. Flynn announces that nothing’s broken and there’s relief from Sally and the others. Ric’s more lucid by the minute as he tells Flynn – it was Sean who attacked him! Jack and Corey question Sean but he denies the accusation, offering Aden as an alibi. Cassie’s stunned to learn Ric has accused Sean! Aden tells her that he reckons Ric’s blaming Sean to cover his own tracks because of the possible charges against him. Cassie is quiet – not sure what to believe, but Aden is convincing in his argument. Flynn arrives and wants to know if Aden is lying to protect Sean? But Aden is adamant he told the truth and Flynn has no choice but to accept what he’s saying. As he turns to leave, he asks Cassie if she wants to see Ric, but Cassie doesn’t. She believes Aden!

Ric tells Jack that after he was beaten he called out to him, but Jack didn’t hear. Jack covers, claiming he must have been too far away, but as Jack moves out to corridor, we see he’s rattled by the fact his hearing problem could have cost Ric his life!

Flynn’s immensely frustrated that no action is being taken against Sean. Sally agrees. Cassie comes down, hearing some of this. She defends Aden – there’s no way he’d lie – if he says Sean was with him then he was. She points out that Ric was knocked out and his mind could be playing tricks on him. But Flynn’s not convinced… He goes to Sean’s house and subtly lets Sean know that he’s on to him. He goes in to protective father mode, firmly warning Sean he’s not going to see what happened to Ric go unpunished. Sean’s rattled!

Cassie wants to know why Ric is stirring up trouble for Aden’s family. It’s bad enough what he did on the field but this… Ric cuts her off, why would he lie? Cassie doesn’t know – but if Aden says Sean was with him, that’s good enough for her! Hurt, Ric tells her get out! Meanwhile, Sean is with Aden and both of them are getting worried. Sean has an idea – we just need to give them a reason to think Ric would want to lie. As a throw to: Jack is sorry to tell Ric, but Aden has decided to make an official complaint. Ric is being charged with assault. Ric is shocked. Things are going from bad to worse!

Guest Cast

Twenty-fifth appearance, last seen in Episode #4036. Attended to Ric’s nasty injuries following Sean’s assault.

Fifth appearance, last seen in Episode #4035. Assisted Jack with his investigations surrounding Ric’s injuries.