Episode 4574

Australian Air Date: 14th February 2008

Can Annie’s faith survive another blow? Aden pushes Geoff too far. Summer Bay farewells a favourite.


Written by Phil Lloyd
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

It’s the final farewell for Lucas as he leaves the Bay for university and a budding writing career. Jack misses the last goodbye as the manhunt for Johnny continues. Tony is sad, but proud to see him go. For Annie, however, it’s the loss of yet another constant in her life, how much more can she take? Dom heads to the city for an interview, but Irene has a nasty surprise in stall for him when he returns unsuccessful, and Belle finally gets the picture.

Meanwhile, Reverend Hall prepares for his operation, full of remorse for his deeds and ready for the worst, it’s almost as if he knows this is the end. He prepares his will and gives Morag a package for Geoff and Annie in case things go wrong. Geoff and Annie are fretting for his safety, but Aden takes little pity, goading Geoff as Annie prays fervently in class despite the giggles of her fellow students. There’s more riding on this for her than just the fate of the Reverend, will this be the final proof to her that God doesn’t really exist?

When they arrive at the hospital they learn that things have taken a turn for the worse. The Reverend is alive, but brain dead. How could God have let this happen? On top of everything else? Annie doesn’t understand, it’s just too much for her. Morag gives them the parcel, containing the Reverend’s bible, and Annie hurls it at her brother in a final act of defiance before running off. Tony finds her on the beach, teary and inconsolable. She’s lost so much, so many people, and now even her faith, there’s nothing left to cling to for support. After a considerable effort Irene convinces the girl to go home and get some rest.

Even after this Aden feels no pity, and continues his verbal attack on Geoff. Everything has finally become too much for Geoff, and he explodes!