Episode 4573

Australian Air Date: 13th February 2008
UK Air Date: 19th March 2008
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: David Gould

Johnny could strike at any moment. Irene puts a plan into place to expose Dom’s true colours. Rachel gets a romantic surprise.


Extended Summary

When an abandoned car is found in the bush, Jack’s instincts tell him that Johnny is getting closer. After doing a check on the car, it’s discovered that the guy who reported it missing has connections to Johnny Cooper. We soon see Johnny Cooper lurking in the darkness of the caravan park. Whilst Tony takes his shift as ‘protector’ at the Summer Bay house he finds himself jumping at shadows. With his heart racing, he’s relieved when he smacks into Jack, who has confirmation that Johnny is in the area. Little do they know how close Johnny actually is…

After getting out of hospital, Dom goes to Roman and asks him for a job. Dom infers he’s a friend of Belle and adds that he’s sure she’d surely give him a good reference. Roman is unaware of Irene’s potential disapproval and after speaking to Belle, hires Dom. Drew can’t believe that Belle put in a good word for Dom, but she doesn’t know what else she could have done. She realises Drew is feeling threatened and jealous, but makes a joke that he’ll just have to work harder to keep her. As expected, Irene flips out when she finds out, taking Roman to task over the issue. Dom interjects and manipulates the situation, whereby Roman stands by his decision. Irene’s blood is left boiling.

Clever in his attack, Dom ridicules Drew for being back at school whilst his girlfriend is in the workforce. Dom thinks it’s only a matter of time before Belle finds someone else in the workforce… someone like him! Drew voices his frustrations to Irene about his ill feelings towards Dom, Irene feels the same way, but doesn’t think there is much they can do…

With Irene in earshot, Roman later tells Dom he feels bad that he can’t offer him more shifts, but has found a great job going in a city restaurant. Roman talks about what a fantastic opportunity it is for Dom – if he is really serious about making it in the workforce, but we see Dom squirming; as a job in the city means being away from Belle. But with Belle’s encouragement, Dom feels forced into going for the job. In privacy, Irene thanks Roman for going along with ‘the city job’ – she is clearly up to something.

Lucas spends his last night in the bay having farewell drinks with Belle, Drew, Matilda Martha and Rachel. The presence of Ric and Cassie is missed, but it’s a sensitive subject, with Luc not knowing thereal reason they have gone away. Drew nearly lets it slip, but Belle quickly pulls him away and berates him on the matter.

Tony, Jack and Lucas revel in some family bonding, all aware that their little threesome is going to bebroken up with Lucas moving away to college. Rachel watches on, amused by their family antics. Itseems that Tony is growing a little more attractive through Rachel’s eyes.