Episode 4572

Australian Air Date: 12th February 2008
UK Air Date: 18th March 2008
Writer: Fiona Kelly
Director: David Gould

Aden makes it his mission to get Geoff to retaliate. Ric becomes Cassie’s pillar. Johnny returns to Summer Bay.


Extended Summary

On police business, Jack brings Sally and Ric up to speed on Johnny Cooper’s prison break. Jack confirms that before Johnny broke out he had been mouthing off about seeking his revenge on Sally and Ric. Sally points out that it’s coming up to the year anniversary of Rocco’s death. Jack suggests that both Sally and Ric leave the area until Johnny is back behind bars, but Sally protests -the new school year starts tomorrow. Sally urges Ric to leave, but he offers some resistance, wanting to be there for her. She insists she’ll be fine, with the roster of male protection Jack has organised for her. Ric isn’t sure what to do.

The news of Johnny Cooper’s escape spreads widely throughout the bay, which is heightened with the first day back at school. It’s hard not to miss the influx of police around the place.

After the Bay has been struck with so many ill fated events, Annie begins to question her faith. Geoff urges her that God is just testing him, but her doubts are obvious.

Aden makes it his mission to give Geoff grief whenever he gets the chance. Aden is dying for Geoff to retaliate, however Geoff is determined to prove that isn’t the Christian way.

After having talked to Rachel about all her options and expectations, Cassie feels she now has some perspective. She admits to Martha and Belle that she’s still feeling confused at what to do about Henk. She keeps changing her mind from wanting him out of her life to wanting him by her side. Martha and Belle share uncomfortable glances, knowing that Henk has done a runner. Ric picks Cassie up from hospital and fills her in on the Johnny situation. This further cements it in Cassie’s mind that it isn’t the right time to tell Sally about her own condition. Ric also has the difficult task in telling Cassie about Henk’s departure. She tries to stay strong, admitting she wasn’t sure whether she could ever get past him giving her AIDS -it’s now one less thing for her to deal with. But she finally crumbles… and Ric holds her tight. He decides to go with her to the city to be her pillar whilst she goes to the AIDS clinic. He knows Sally will be happy that he’s gotten out of the Bay (away from Johnny’s reach).

Meanwhile, we see Johnny Cooper making his way to Summer Bay. A cunning creature, who still has friends to help him out and the resources to disguise himself. He’s one step closer to achieving his goal.