Episode 4571

Australian Air Date: 11th February 2008
UK Air Date: 17th March 2008
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: David Gould

Rachel puts her indifferences aside to help a friend. Sally is reunited with a very special person. Johnny Cooper breaks out of jail. Is he headed for Summer Bay?


Extended Summary

At the hospital, Rachel checks in on Cassie and whilst looking at her chart, discovers her HIV status. Rachel offers Cassie the support and comfort she needs as both a doctor and a friend. It means the world to Cassie to have Rachel make no judgements and put her condition into perspective.

Sally is stunned into silence at the news that Miles is her brother. Her head is swarming as Miles, urges her to remember something of the past. He explains how their parents always fought and after their mother, Diana, threatened to take both of them, their father, Aaron, took Miles on the run. Diana met Derek and re-married; who Sally had believed was her real father. A few years later, Aaron discovered that Diana and Derek had died in a boating accident, so they went back to find Sally. However, when they eventually tracked her down in Summer Bay, Aaron realised she was better off with the Fletchers. Miles tells how Aaron fell into a demising world of alcohol; whereby his body and mind eroded and he eventually died of Korsikoff. Sally feels for what Miles has been through, but she’s also struggling because she has no memories to back up what’s he’s telling her. Miles goes on; he’d had a breakdown in his teens, but then fell in love and had a baby. Everything in his life was finally good, until the Phuket tsunami… then his entire world fell apart. He lost everything and somehow ended up in Summer Bay. He doesn’t know if it was fate or his subconscious pulling him to Sally. He admits he’s been scared and didn’t know whether he should run. Sally is overcome with confusion as she remembers the words ‘Milco’ written in the sand. Miles confirms he wrote it. Milco had always been his nickname because Sally couldn’t say Miles Copeland. Emotions overwhelm Sally as she explains to Miles that when she missed her Gran she’d talk to Milco to make her feel better. And then Sally remembers – Miles is her twin brother! They embrace for the first time in twenty seven years when Colleen interrupts the moment. What’s going on here?

And with Colleen on the case, it’s not long before everyone in the bay hears that Miles and Sally are brother and sister. There are many congratulations and well wishes, however, Ric privately warn Miles if he hurts Sally there will be hell to pay. Miles, happy to have family again, assures Ric he won’t. It’s an emotional time for these twins, especially for Miles, who is shocked by everyone’s acceptance of him. Sally feels relieved that her instant connection with this man has now been explained.

And at the end of what seems like a perfect day, Sally gets some horrifying news… Johnny Cooper has escaped from jail. They believe he’s on his way to Summer Bay to seek revenge.