Episode 4575

Australian Air Date: 15th February 2008

Roman’s secret past is revealed. Johnny makes his move. Which Summer Bay favourite is attacked?


Written by Kevin Roberts
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Geoff’s head is spinning after his outburst at Aden. He feels ashamed that he’s only proven that Aden was right when he claimed Christians couldn’t stand by their convictions. Sally is as shocked as both. Geoff and Aden by Geoff’s eruption, but after hearing about the trauma with Reverend Hall, she decides to let him off the hook. Sally is frustrated by Aden’s behaviour and questions how he could have no compassion to what Geoff and Annie have been through. It seems Sally might have finally gotten through to him. But when Aden receives an apology from Geoff, Aden rebuts that the respect Geoff had earned by decking him has just gone down the drain with such a soppy apology.

Roman is horrified by how lightly Sally is taking the threat of Johnny. Jack joins in, insisting she leave town, and reluctantly she agrees. To Roman’s relief she’ll also leave Pippa with Leah tonight, one less variable.

When night falls, Roman makes a very thorough, professional, search of the house. Miles convinces him to tell Sally about his past and being in the SAS, which after this revelation, gains her trust. She promises she keep his secret safe. After a final search he sets up guard outside her room, leaving Miles downstairs as a second guard.

When a screaming Colleen hammers at the door Roman is too late to stop Miles from opening it. Johnny is behind her with a knife to her back, and he’s in the house before anyone can stop him. Sally moves downstairs and tries to talk to Johnny. It seems to be working, but at the last minute she takes a step too close and things take a turn for the worse. Johnny lunges forward and stabs Sally he then makes a hasty retreat but is soon spotted by Jack who has just arrived, Jack holds off on the pursuit in order to get Sally to the hospital.

At the hospital the doctors a desperately trying to save Sally but all hope seems lost.