Episode 4576

Australian Air Date: 18th February 2008

Distress sweeps the bay, when a loved one is rushed to hospital.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

As a team of surgeons work to save Sally’s life, she finds herself in the Summer Bay house, reunited with Tom Fletcher – her Foster Dad, who died when she was a teenager. Sally is overwhelmed at seeing him again and wants to know whether this means she has died too. Tom tells her that all depends… she has a choice to make. At Sally’s confusion, Tom explains it wasn’t her time to go and shows her, that in fact, Miles was the one who was supposed to be struck with Johnny’s knife. Fate took him to the bay to die, but because a mistake has been made, Sally can choose whether she will live or die…

Tom clarifies that they are frozen in time and space of Sally flat lining on the operating table. He shows how the people she loves are reacting to her the news of Johnny’s attack. It upsets Sally to see how distressed they are and how Colleen and Miles are both blaming themselves for it happening.

So that Sally can make an informed choice about going back, Tom shows Sally a glimpse of what life would hold in Summer Bay without her around. She is bombarded with the possibility of Miles succumbing to his old ways, unable to forgive himself, along with Colleen leaving the bay, feeling like she is to blame. Sally also learns of Cassie’s pregnancy and Annie’s loss of faith.

Tom then gives Sally a peek of the future if Sally does return… seeing Pippa grow up, being able to help Cassie, allowing Annie to once again find her faith and to be there for Leah who will soon face some devastating news.

Sally feels like she doesn’t have a decision to make – she needs to go back and help the people she loves. As she sees it – people still need and love her. However Tom tells her of the bliss she will find if she decides to stay… she will be reunited with Flynn. Upon hearing this, Sally desperately wants to be reunited with him. She begs Tom to just have one moment with him, but that can’t be the way. It’s a tortuous decision for Sally. What will she do?

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