Episode 4577

Australian Air Date: 19th February 2008

Johnny blackmails someone to help him. Who could it be? In an act of defiance against God, Annie puts herself in grave danger.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Despite the threat of Johnny Cooper still being around looming in the air, everyone breathes a great sigh of relief that Sally has survived the terrible ordeal and wakes from her coma. Admitting she will sound crazy, Sally tells Alf about her experience with Tom, and given Alf’s own experience with Ailsa, he believes her. He does suggest she keeps it to herself though; people will think she’s lost her marbles otherwise. Sally is aware of how it sounds, but now feels compelled to help those troubled people that Tom showed her. Alf wants her to concentrate on getting better but Sally admits that’s hard – because
she decided to come back, someone else had to die in her place. Alf tries to pacify Sally, but we can see it’s heavily playing on her mind. Wanting to pass on Tom’s message to Pippa, Sally tells Pippa about her experience and that Tom wants her to know how much he still loves her. Pippa is left teary eyed and touched that Sally has shared her experience with her.

Nervous, Cassie goes to see a HIV specialist in the city. The doctor quickly picks up on her apprehensive and shaky state and assures Cassie that with correct monitoring and treatment, she’ll be able to live a normal life. It seems Cassie begins to accept some of the positive messages. With warning from Jack that Johnny is still on the run and that they should stay away from the bay, Ric convinces Cassie that they should stay in the city for awhile. Ric doesn’t want to burden Cassie with the extra turmoil of Johnny Cooper.

Annie is disgusted that Aden takes pleasure in talking about Johnny’s gory attack on Sally. She grows frustrated by how the world works… she always tries to do the right thing, but bad things always happen. Geoff is left a little disturbed by Annie’s increasingly dark take on life. Annie’s faith continues to plummet in a downward spiral. Still reeling and completely confused about life, Annie steals a bottle of scotch from the Surf Club delivery man. Aden sees and a smirk is quick to cover his face… so much for the good little Christian… In a secluded nook on the beach, in an act of defiance against God, Annie forces the scotch down in revulsion.

In the search for Johnny, he is spotted and shot at by Jack. But when Jack reaches the spot where he saw Johnny fall down, there are only patches of blood there. The search continues – knowing he couldn’t have gotten too far. Now injured and bleeding, Johnny makes a phone call to someone, threatening for them to not hang up… he knows something about them and thinks that they might very well want to help him out. Sure enough, Johnny receives refuge and aid from someone, but who, we don’t know. He assures them that if they don’t continue to help him, he’ll expose their dirty secret past and consequently destroy their life. Who is it and what does Johnny know about them?