Episode 4035

Australian Air Date: 26th August 2005
UK Air Date: 10th February 2006
Writer: Phil Lloyd
Director: Cameron Welsh

Amanda goes to desperate lengths to cover up her murderous crime. Martha’s innocent practical joke on Jack turns deadly. Lucas and Matilda nervously negotiate the first steps of a relationship.

Extended Summary

Leo Simms’ body lands with a thud on the ground in the bush at the back of the Surf Club. (Amanda has dumped it there – and made it look like Simms tripped and hit his head). She plants her necklace and rings on him and pulls the red bandana from his neck and pockets it. She pulls the cash from his pocket, jumps back in the car and speeds away… Amanda races into Leah’s and proceeds to trash the house to make it look like Leo has ransacked the place…

Martha’s determined to get Jack back – all she needs to do is find out his weakness and exploit it! Tony tells her he’s a big wimp when it comes to spiders for one thing. Martha takes this on board – spiders, huh? Meanwhile, Lucas is re-reading Matilda’s letter – smiling at the words inside. Tony comes in and tells him they’re having guests around for dinner. Lucas wonders who? Tony – Beth and Matilda… Lucas is taken aback – Matilda’s coming here? Meanwhile, Mattie tells Beth she isn’t going, desperate to avoid Lucas…

When Mattie doesn’t turn up for dinner, Lucas goes to the diner in search of her. He sees her sitting alone and nervously approaches. Matilda apologises for the note, telling him to forget it. She feels like a fool and gets up to leave but Luc holds her back – so you didn’t mean what you wrote? Matilda can’t lie to Luc – no, she meant it… Lucas awkwardly asks her to the movies tomorrow night and Matilda’s face lights up – really? She’d like that. They both stand smiling and it becomes very awkward again, so Lucas heads of. See you tomorrow. Matilda is thrilled…

Beth and Tony are having dinner when Martha arrives, saying she just came around to check on the fuse box – after the problems they were having the other day. Martha heads through and stops outside of Jack’s bedroom. She smiles to herself and pulls the rubber spider from her pocket…

Jack and Corey have been called to Leah’s place, but so far they haven’t found anything that links the crime to Leo Simms. Jack points out Leo Simms didn’t trash the Beach House but Amanda’s convinced it’s the same guy – he threatened her, didn’t he? They’re about to head out the door when Amanda ‘accidentally’ discovers the bandana. Jack recognises it immediately as Leo Simms’ and has to concede that Amanda might be right after all. Amanda’s relieved…

Amanda and Scott are at the Surf Club and Amanda is downing a stiff drink. Scott says they’re lucky he only took her pearl necklace and a few rings. Beth chimes in she thought Amanda was wearing a necklace exactly like that earlier in the evening. Amanda’s quick to cover but she’s not pleased that Beth is sticking her bib in. They’re interrupted by Dan, who says Corey wants Amanda to come to the station ASAP. At the police station, Corey explains that Leo Simms has been found dead! Amanda feigns shock. Corey explains that it looks like he fell down a set of stairs and hit his head pretty hard… Amanda’s relieved when she hears this. Corey holds up a pearl necklace. Can Amanda confirm that it’s hers? Amanda can – as can Dan… So Simms was responsible for all of this. Scott says everything is going to be okay now… Amanda smiles over his shoulder. He’s dead right!

Jack comes out of the shower, wrapped in a towel. He picks up the old T-shirt lying on his bed – and gets the fright of his life when he sees the spider! He jumps, falling backwards and hitting his head hard against the wall… Out cold, blood trickles from his ear…

Guest Cast


Fourth appearance, last seen in Episode #4028. Attended the scene of the ‘burglary’ at Leah’s place.

Fourth and final appearance, last seen in Episode #4035. Was dragged into the scrub by a distraught Amanda.