Episode 4034

Australian Air Date: 25th August 2005
UK Air Date: 9th February 2006
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Cameron Welsh

A blackmail threat forces Amanda to take desperate action. Matilda declares her feelings for Lucas – with surprising consequences. A bet with Jack leaves Martha stark naked!

Extended Summary

Matilda sits in the Surf Club, with a pad and paper, finishing off her own love note for Lucas. She seals it in an envelope and sprays some perfume on it… Sitting on the table nearby is the letter she got last week (she presumes from Lucas). Colleen’s called all the members of the cast for a meeting at the diner. Kenny, a dorky kid from school, rabbits on to Matilda and she doesn’t get a chance to talk to Lucas. When she finally does get rid of Kenny, she makes her way over to Lucas’ bag and plants her love letter inside. She smiles to herself…

Jack tells Amanda that the burglar (Leo Simms) has a rock solid alibi for the night of her break in. Amanda’s frantic, but she identified Leo Simms as her attacker! Jack understands, but with the new evidence, it looks like they’ll have to let him off on bail. As Amanda leaves, Leo Simms is being brought out from the cells. He realises she’s the one who stitched him up and warns her to watch her back! Amanda’s worried – her little game is starting to back-fire big time!

After taking up the challenge of a game of pool, Jack’s starting to sweat as Martha is beating him. Martha goads – the $20 winnings will buy her dinner! Jack makes it clear the game is not over yet, but Martha’s so sure she’s going to beat him, she ups the ante to $50.

Amanda opens the door, shocked to see Leo Simms standing there. Simms pushes his way inside and grabs her, demanding to know why she stitched him up? He didn’t even go near her flat! Leo notices the insurance claim she putting in and twigs she’s doing this to get money. He’s furious and threatens to go to the cops. Frantic, Amanda offers him two grand to keep quiet… Leo smiles -make it five! They agree on a location for the handover, but when he goes Amanda slumps – where is she going to get five grand? Desperate, Amanda spots the papers from Ryan’s new savings account. In the account is three thousand dollars. Will she take it?

Matilda approaches Lucas to finally talk to him – but she is once again intercepted by Kenny, who nervously wonders if Matilda liked the note he sent her. Horrified, she moves over towards Luc’s bag and is about to riffle through it when Lucas returns. Matilda goes red faced and can barely speak to him as he opens up his bag and finds her note. Dying now, she makes an excuse to leave, unable to watch…embarrassed. But what she doesn’t see is Lucas’ smile when he reads it – it’s the sweetest thing he’s ever read! Meanwhile, Martha has one ball left on the table – and she’s being cocky about it. Jack reminds her that she hasn’t won yet but Martha thinks the game is as good as over! Jack reckons he’s got nothing to lose – let’s up the ante one more time. The loser does a nuddy run. Jack plays his next shot and sinks all of the remaining balls. As he sinks the black ball Martha’s horrified. JUMP CUT TO: Martha stands on the beach, wrapped in a towel. She sighs in frustration and drops the towel, racing up the beach in the nude. Jack falls to his knees in laughter – this is the funniest thing he’s ever seen!

Amanda returns home from the bank and pulls out a wad of cash from her handbag – she’s managed to get Ryan’s money! She’s counts it out, but its two grand short. At the designated rendezvous, Amanda nervously hands the money to Simms. She gets into her car and starts to drive off when suddenly, Simms grabs her through the open window, yelling – there’s only three grand here! Amanda screams and puts the window up, trapping his fingers inside… He’s caught and Amanda hits the gas, speeding off in panic. She lets the window down and he falls backwards… smacking his head hard on the road. Amanda looks back in rear view mirror… he’s not moving – and there’s blood trickling from his mouth. Oh my God, what has she done?

Guest Cast

Final episode.

Twenty-fifth appearance, last seen in Episode #4027. Took down Amanda’s statement about her ‘burglary’.

Third appearance, last seen in Episode #4028. Was accidentally killed by Amanda following his blackmail threats.

Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4029. Was revealed to be Matilda’s hopeless crush during rehearsals.

Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4029. Criticised Colleen’s lines in the play.

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