Episode 4033

Australian Air Date: 24th August 2005
UK Air Date: 8th February 2006
Writer: Sabour Bradley
Director: Cameron Welsh

Kim finally learns the earth shattering truth about his mother. Beth warns Scott about Amanda’s duplicitous ways. Amanda begins to suspect that Scott still has feelings for Hayley.

Extended Summary

Amanda is waiting for Scott to arrive – he’s taking her out for brunch. Dan comes out, fresh off the phone from Leah in Cyprus. Her grandfather has left some money to VJ and now that Ryan is part of the extended family, they’ve insisted that Ryan also have some money for his junior saver account.

Tasha does her best to comfort Kim, offering that Hyde must have burnt his mother’s stuff to protect him in some way. But all Kim wants is to find his mother. He just wants some closure… Through all this, Tasha is polishing the blackened diamond ring she found in the fire. There’s an an engraving inside – Forever yours, T.A. Tasha can’t work it out – who is T.A.? Kim knows exactly who it is – Tom Anderson.

The guard leads Tom Anderson out to meet Kim. Kim hands Tom the diamond ring with the engraving. Tom recognises it instantly (a little emotional). Where did Kim find it? Kim explains Hyde had it for all these years. Tom’s surprised to hear this. Kerry always went to great lengths to keep the ring hidden from Hyde (as it was evidence of her affair). Why would Hyde have the ring? Why wouldn’t she have taken the ring with her? Tom reveals he has always had a suspicion that Hyde killed Kerry. Towards the end, she was very down – talking about how she was going to take off… maybe she told Hyde she was leaving, or perhaps she tried to take Kim and run… and Hyde did something to stop her! Kim is left stunned – could Tom’s suspicions be true?

Amanda offers to pay for her brunch with Scott, but she’s embarrassed when her credit card is declined. Scott learns that Hayley collapsed shortly after his argument with and as soon as Amanda moves away, Scott pulls his mobile out and calls the hospital to leave a message for Hayley to phone him.

Kim confronts Hyde, who finally confesses his story: Kerry was the love of his life but after Jonathan was born, she became withdrawn and distant. Hyde realises now that she was probably suffering from severe post-natal depression. One day, Hyde raced home and found Kerry in the bathroom, crying. Lying next to her was Jonathon’s body. She claimed Jonathan drowned while he was having a bath but something didn’t ring true. The grief was hard for both of them. Kerry’s depression worsened and when Kim was just six months old, Hyde came home to find Kerry in the bathroom with Kim, holding him underwater. Hyde lost it. Overcome with rage, he held her under water until she drowned. Kim – ‘you did it to save me?’ Hyde explains that he called Lorraine, his sister, and they decided to cover up the death. He’s spent 18 years carrying this around, tormented… Hyde wonders what Kim is going to do? Kim explains he’s not going to do anything. He understands that Hyde was trying to protect him, but how’s he lived with it all these years? Hyde points out that Kim should know better than anyone what sort of person he’s become as a result – closed, hidden, repressed… Kim takes this in, a small nod of recognition, and we leave the two men in silence, emotionally drained.

Beth tells Scott about Amanda’s subtle warning last week in the Diner. Scott can hardly believe it – but Beth has no reason to lie to her son… Scott is left troubled by Beth’s revelation… Meanwhile, Amanda opens a letter from her bank and we see that she is severely overdrawn and the bank is demanding she pays back the money she owes soon – or they will take legal action!

Guest Cast

Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4022. Was confronted again by a desperate Kim during the search for his mother.


Dan Baker and Leah Patterson-Baker’s address (the old Nash family home) is 6 James Street, Summer Bay.

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