Episode 4032

Australian Air Date: 23rd August 2005
UK Air Date: 7th February 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Cameron Welsh

Hyde takes drastic action to keep the truth from Kim. Flynn comes face to face with death. Ric’s jealousy over Cassie and Aden boils over.

Extended Summary

To give Kim more time to escape, Tasha tries to stall Lorraine and family from entering the house. During this, Lorraine gets a phone call from Hyde, warning her that Kim and a blonde girl may be trying to get the box back. Seeing Tasha there, Lorraine realises that Kim must be in the house. She makes it clear to Tasha to keep her husband occupied, as she heads inside. Lorraine finds him in her bedroom and asks what the hell he’s doing?! Kim turns it back on her, demanding to know who she is?! Lorraine deflects him, asking him to leave, but Kim refuses. He came looking for answers and he’s not going unless he gets some… After a close call with Brian, Lorraine relents and comes clean – No, she’s not Kim’s mother – she’s his Auntie! Kim wasn’t expecting this. Lorraine tells him if he wants answers, he should get them from his father. Kim turns to leave – but as he heads out, Lorraine snatches the envelope from Kim’s pocket… Kim begs her to let him have it, but she refuses ordering him to leave! Outside, Kim pulls from his pocket the ripped pages from Kerry’s journal hoping to find answers!

Paranoid about the death dreams he’s been having, Flynn makes out his will with the help of Morag. When Sally finds out she’s shocked that he would do something so final without her and also concerned about his ‘obsession’ with dying. Sally wants him to think about how it makes her feel to have him going on about dying all the time?! Meanwhile, Ric’s reluctantly paired up with Aden in training, but when Aden starts to go on about how much he likes Cassie… Ric looses his cool, proving once more to Cassie that she did the right thing ending it with him!

Kim and Tasha read through the journal pages… ‘I hate the way Hyde looks at me now… there’s suspicion in his eyes. He blames me for what happened to Jonathan. He’s so cold, so distant… Thank God for Tom – our nights together are my only solace…’ Kim assumes Hyde must have found out about Kerry’s affair and that’s why she left. They see Hyde’s car pull in to Lorraine’s driveway. Lorraine comes out and hands him the box. Hyde drives off and Kim and Tasha follow.

Upset after reading Flynn’s will, Sally rushes out of the house. Flynn follows, chasing her, calling her name – but she doesn’t even respond to him. As Flynn continues to chase her, insert short sharp flashes of his dream… It’s coming to life! Reeling, Flynn continues on – as Sally rounds the corner of the Club, just like in his dream. Becoming increasingly anxious, Flynn clutches his chest and drops to the ground in pain! It looks like the dream’s coming true – Flynn’s dying…

Dr Free finishes examining Flynn. She explains it was an anxiety attack – brought on by worry. Flynn apologises to Sally. Sally just wants to know that he’s going to let this go. Flynn is – after all, the dream came true, but he’s still here! Meanwhile, Ric confesses to Cassie that he still has feelings for her. He knows they’re over and she’s with Aden now… but it’s just taking him a while to deal with it. Cassie’s stunned!

Kim and Tasha are driving along the bush road, Hyde ahead of them. Kim’s keeping his distance – he doesn’t want his father to recognise his car. Up ahead, Hyde’s turns a corner, but when Kim and Tasha turn down the same road, Hyde’s car is nowhere to be seen. Hyde pulls up in a secluded part of the bush and burns Kerry’s stuff. He stands watching, emotionless, as her personal items go up in flames! Kim and Tasha see Hyde’s car emerge from the other road and speed off into the distance. Kim pulls up and approaches the ashes of the box – why would his father do this?

Guest Cast


Sixth appearance, last seen in Episode #4021. Checked up on Flynn following his collapse on the beach.

Fourth appearance, last seen in Episode #4029. Upset Ric over his infatuation with Cassie.

Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4026. Revealed to Kim the truth about her involvement.

Lorraine’s husband, oblivious to her past connections with Barry and Kim.


Sally Fletcher’s middle name is Elizabeth. The Caravan Park is on Stewart’s Point Rd.

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