Episode 4031

Australian Air Date: 22nd August 2005
UK Air Date: 6th February 2006
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Cameron Welsh

Kim defies the law as he edges closer to discovering the shocking truth about his mother. Flynn continues to be haunted by the premonition of his death.

Extended Summary

Kim can’t believe Hyde let him believe that woman was his mother! Who the hell was she?! And why did she pretend to be someone she wasn’t?! Head full of steam, Kim marches along to see Morag…when, in the distance he sees her and Hyde having a clandestine discussion. Kim watches, suspicious. Something’s not right here… Kim finds Morag in the Diner later and asks her if she’s seen Hyde around? Morag shakes her head – she hasn’t seen Hyde in days. Why is Morag lying?

Having barely slept a wink because his nightmare is still tormenting him, Flynn ‘casually’ tells Sally he thinks they should make arrangements for Pippa, if something should happen to them. Sally guesses that Flynn is still having the nightmare. Flynn explains that every night he has the same dream – it was just a few times a night to begin with, now it’s on a loop. Sally thinks that’s because he’s allowing himself to get carried away by it. Nothing’s going to happen to him!

Kim and Tasha come into the diner and see Hyde at a table, his mobile phone sitting on the counter. Kim approaches Hyde and says that he wants to talk. Tasha causes a distraction and Kim pinches Hyde’s mobile, leaving Hyde none the wiser… Hyde’s mobile in hand, Kim and Tasha text Lorraine to find out where the box is – “Did you take care of the box?” A response comes back immediately. She’s not happy to be hearing from Hyde but gives Kim the answer he needs – “The box is safe. Trust me…” She’s definitely got it!

Flynn starts choking on some grapes! Cassie calls for Sally, and Ric rushes to Flynn, giving him the Heimlich manoeuvre. Sally races down stairs with Pippa in her arms to find Cassie and Ric working together to help Flynn. Sally calls for an ambulance but Flynn eventually spits up the grape that was caught in his throat. They’re all reeling from the near miss… Later, Flynn’s on the lounge still rattled. Sally asks if he’ll be okay while he takes Pippa out to sitters. Flynn covers – he’s fine, but once they go, we see how tormented he really is. Flashes of his dream intercut with flashes of him choking… Back in the present, Flynn drops the coffee mug, his hand, shaking uncontrollably – he’s filled with a terror that despite himself, he’s unable to control…

Kim and Tasha pull up at Lorraine’s house. Tasha’s not sure if this is wise, but Kim’s already heading towards the house. He walks up to the front door and knocks – there’s no answer – but the door is slightly ajar. Kim pushes it open – hello? There’s no response – the place is empty. He moves inside, determined to solve this mystery once and for all. Tasha watches on, concerned…

A worried Hyde asks Irene if anyone has handed in a mobile phone? Irene reckons it must be Barry’s lucky day as Tasha handed one in. She pulls it out from under the counter. Hyde opens the phone and discovers a new text message from Lorraine. The message doesn’t make a lot of sense. Bemused, he wonders what all this is about. Then, he thinks back to earlier that day. INSERT FLASHES: of the distraction Tasha made and Kim and Tasha together. Hyde’s face falls…

Kim searches the main bedroom and finally discovers the box (it’s well hidden). He opens it to find the ripped pages from his mother’s journal. He pulls the pages out, along with the yellow envelope with the name ‘Kim’ on it (from the safety deposit box). Kim goes to open the envelope when he hears a car pull up outside in the drive way! Oh no!

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New Opening Credits: Flynn with Sally blowing daisies; Hayley (with a new face), Kim and Scott splashing about; Beth snatching daffodils from Barry and Irene; Robbie and Tasha with butterflies; Tony being bowled down by Lucas and Jack; Alf and Martha hugging as she tosses his hat; Ric, Matilda and Cassie in photo; Amanda posing as Colleen looks on; Dan kissing Leah while holding frame.