Episode 4030

Australian Air Date: 19th August 2005
UK Air Date: 3rd February 2006
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Her life hanging by a thread, Hayley makes a shocking decision. Kim edges closer to discovering the shocking truth about his mother. Ric’s torment over Cassie and Aden prompts a heartbreaking admission.

Extended Summary

A toddler plays on the beach. Irene kneels down and says ‘wave to mummy’. The toddler waves at Hayley. ‘Look, there’s daddy’ Hayley sees a male figure, his face obscured by sunlight… Hayley’s unconscious as Flynn works madly to restart her heart. Kim and Irene watch on nearby, feeling powerless. Flynn tries again ‘3-2-1 clear!’ Hayley’s chest jumps and her heart starts. We’ve got her! Flynn still wants to go ahead with the operation, but when Hayley comes around she tells him she’s changed her mind and doesn’t want to go ahead with the procedures.

Cassie tells Sally about her plans for the evening with Aden. Ric comes in and Cassie falls silent and awkward. Ric assures her he’s cool with it, but once she goes, we see Ric’s suffering. Meanwhile, Matilda arrives at the Surf Club all dressed up and ready for rehearsals. Cassie asks what Lucas is like but Matilda can’t tell her – they still haven’t spoken to each other yet.

Flynn, Kim and Irene try to talk Hayley around. As far as Flynn is concerned, the cardiac arrest proves how much strain the pregnancy is putting on her heart and just how necessary this operation is. The sooner she delivers the baby, the better. But Hayley refuses, explaining the vision she had – of the future – and how she knows everything will be okay. Kim pleads with her to have the baby induced… Hayley knows how hard this is for Kim but she needs him to understand that she is certain about this and asks him to support her on this. Kim says he will, but he loves her so much and is scared of losing her… Hayley holds him close for comfort.

Matilda and Lucas nervously come together to read. The dialogue is much better than before and Colleen is quick to notice. Luc admits he changed the dialogue and Colleen’s riled. Morag steps in and agrees with Lucas’ changes and Colleen is forced to relent. Matilda plucks up the courage to approach Lucas and congratulate him on getting the part. Lucas tells Matilda she’s a really good actress. They’ve broken the ice and Mattie couldn’t be happier!

Flynn and Ric stay in for a guy’s night. Ric knows that Flynn is trying to get the truth out of him about Cassie and he admits – he still loves her. But when Cassie arrives home, she’s raving about her fantastic date, so Ric covers his true feelings saying he’s okay with it and happy for her. Meanwhile, Lucas opens up to Matilda about his mum’s death. She died in a mugging when he was only six months old. He confesses that he never talks about his mum to anyone and they share a look – a new bond between them. Matilda moves back inside to collect her things and sees a love note sticking out of her bag. She swoons – oh, Lucas!

Hayley thanks Kim for being so wonderful. Kim looks deep into her eyes and tells her that he loves her. Hayley smiles and says she loves him too. Kim tells her she doesn’t have to say that. But Hayley really means it. Kim is heartened and they kiss. He heads off… Alone, Hayley pulls out letter she wrote to… Scott. It says how Hayley wishes things could have worked out for them. She moved on with her life because she knew she had to but there’s a part of her that will always love him – forever… Hayley stares down at the letter and tears it up.

Kim arrives home and sorts through the mail. He opens one for him from Tom Anderson with the other half of the photo of his mum. Kim pulls it out – but the face he sees is not Lorraine Robertson’s! What the hell’s going on?!

Guest Cast


Arrivals and Departures

Hayley Lawson (Rebecca Cartwright)
Final episode. Left Summer Bay for treatment on her heart condition.