Episode 4029

Australian Air Date: 18th August 2005
UK Air Date: 2nd February 2006
Writer: Phil Sanders
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Hayley’s condition deteriorates, as the battle to save her life intensifies. Ric is forced to make a noble sacrifice as Cassie moves on with another guy. Matilda’s increasingly smitten with the new boy in town.

Extended Summary

Hayley gasps for breath as she tries to get to her phone, but can’t. She collapses to floor and is still lying there, barely breathing, when Colleen and Sally come in and rush straight over, attempting to rouse her. Hayley’s rushed into the hospital; her eyes wide with fear. Flynn reassures her and she’s taken for tests, as Kim and Irene rush in, panicked.

Tony lets Lucas know the details of the try-outs and Lucas realises his dad assumes he’ll want to be in the team. Luc makes it clear he’s not interested. Although Tony reckons Lucas is such a gifted player, he accepts his son’s decision… Alf’s keen to get things kicked off and Tony says the try-outs will check out local talent. Much to Alf’s disappointment, Ric won’t try out. Ric arrives at school and sees Cassie watching practice. Cassie prevaricates before Aden starts chatting to her. Then, Ric realises she’s there to watch Aden and his heart sinks…

Colleen’s in a flap as she organises the recast of the leads – Matilda is most in to it. Kenny, a dorky kid from school, is behind her – and keeps smiling at Matilda… Colleen sees Lucas standing by himself and wonders if he’s auditioning? Lucas isn’t, just here to help with scenery. Lucas moves off, smiling to Matilda as he passes. Matilda is thrilled and nearly dies with happiness!

Flynn reports that Hayley suffered a cardiac arrhythmia. Her condition is deteriorating and her pregnancy adds further stress to her heart… She needs to have the operation to fix the valve – and she needs it now. Hayley refuses to terminate the pregnancy and Flynn explains another option – she could have the baby now. The survival rate for a baby this premature is about 25%. Not good… The choice is a difficult one…but it’s the best shot they have!

The try-outs are well underway and both Alf and Tony reckon Aden’s by far the most talented player. On the sidelines, Ric steals glances across to Cassie who’s cheering for Aden as he scores. Ric tells Alf he’s changed his mind and wants to try out. Alf’s surprised but Ric steals a glance to Cassie and we realise why he’s doing it. Things go from bad to worse for Ric when Aden asks Ric if it’s over with Cassie because he wants to ask her out. It’s like a punch in the guts, but Ric has to say – yeah, we’re over. Ric struggles as he sees Aden ask and Cassie accept.

Hayley meets a couple who’ve had a prem baby a few weeks ago. Things are going well and they think it’s a miracle. Hayley’s heartened by their story of triumph against the odds and she decides to do it. She knows it’s a risk having the baby so early, but she can’t keep putting her own life at risk. There’s immediate relief from the others. Left alone with Irene, Hayley asks her to get her some paper and a pen. She wants to write a letter in case she doesn’t make it.

The students complain about the dialogue in Colleen’s play. Lucas offers updated alternatives for the lines, but Colleen tells him if he’s got so much to say he can audition. Luc’s shy and bumbling with Matilda but when they come to the end Colleen says they’re in as the new Rex and Summer!

Hayley seals the letter, tears in her eyes as she slips it in to the drawer. Kim tells her how brave he thinks she is, and how he will stand by and support her all the way… Hayley’s shaking, quite emotional and upset as she says goodbye before surgery – her breathing starts to get shallow and then, the pain hits her in the chest! She clutches her heart. Flynn uses the defibrillators on Hayley’s heart as Irene and Kim watch on, stunned and fearful. Will Hayley die?

Guest Cast

Twenty-third appearance, last seen in Episode #4021. Admitted Hayley following her collapse.

Third appearance, last seen in Episode #4024. Tried out for the new Summer Bay rugby team.

First appearance. Local schoolboy.

Mark’s partner. Chatted to Hayley whilst visiting their newborn baby who was born premature.

Anna’s partner.

First appearance. Took part in the auditions.