Episode 4028

Australian Air Date: 17th August 2005
UK Air Date: 1st February 2006
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Amanda struggles to keep her shocking deception secret. Scott and Hayley clash – with devastating consequences. A heroic act leads Robbie to confront a demon from the past.

Extended Summary

Jack asks Martha if she’s thought about going out with him. Martha says what part of ‘no’ doesn’t he get? Jack stirs her – it’s not like she’s had any other offers. Determined to prove him wrong, Martha moves over to a young guy, Shane, and with a big, friendly smile asks if he would like to have a drink with her after work? Shane is quick to agree and Jack’s amused by her ploy.

Alf wonders what it is about Amanda that rubs Beth the wrong way. Beth explains she doesn’t trust her. Meanwhile, Amanda and Scott have dinner together. Amanda jokes – two years in L.A. and no trouble, but her first day here and she’s robbed and tied up! Scott reveals that’s just what his mum finds hard to believe. Amanda darkens and when Scott’s distracted, she tells Beth to back off. She dresses it up as a nicety – but Beth doesn’t miss the implied warning…

Irene arrives home and is startled by an intruder in the house. The burglar escapes, knocking Irene to the ground and leaving her shaken… Jack and Fitzgerald take Irene’s statement. Jack reckons it’s the same guy who broke in the first time (and broke into Amanda’s) but why would he come back? Robbie and Tasha offer to close the diner for Irene. Robbie approaches a guy who’s still finishing his coffee. As Robbie moves closer, he recognises the guy’s voice as that of the burglar! Robbie’s hit with a wave of panic, but he holds it together and tells Tasha to get help!

Martha chats to Shane, stealing looks over to Jack the whole time. Shane moves off to the loos and Jack tells Martha she’s meant to be having a drink with Shane – could she stop looking at him? An argument erupts between them – which ends up with Martha telling Jack she could drink him under the table any day of the week! The challenge is on…

The burglar stands to go. Thinking fast, Robbie races over to the door, telling the guy he’s already locked the door (when really he’s locking them in). Robbie stalls further, saying he can’t find the right key, but the burglar grabs the keys and unlocks the door – to come face to face with Alf, Tasha, Beth and Irene. Robbie’s pleased – he caught the burglar with his brains not his brawn!

As Jack and Martha continue to drink, Shane leaves. Martha wonders if she should go after him, but Jack says she’d forfeit the competition. Martha’s not going to let that happen and they continue to drink. Beth notices that Hayley’s distracted– Scott and Amanda? Hayley says she’s not jealous. She just doesn’t want him hurt. Beth confides – that woman’s trouble!

At the ID parade, Amanda hides her nerves (because she made the whole thing up!). The guys are lead in and Amanda ums and ahs for a beat – finally she points to one of the guys and by some miracle, she’s managed to pick the same guy as Robbie! The burglar, however, won’t admit to assaulting and robbing Amanda. Scott thinks it’s weird, but Amanda plays the shaken victim, Scott comforts her and they end up kissing.

Hayley wants to close up, but Martha drunkenly objects – she gets to her feet (a bit wobbly) and starts to argue but she’s so drunk she falls to the floor… Hayley and Jack are amused – and Jack is happy he’s won. He heads out for the night (leaving Martha under the table!). Meanwhile, Hayley warns Scott to be careful with Amanda and what began as a civil conversation quickly deteriorates into a full scale argument. Scott tells her to butt out and leaves. Alone and distressed, Hayley starts to get very breathless. She clutches her chest, fighting for air…

Guest Cast

Third appearance, last seen in Episode #4025. Attended the scene of Irene’s second attack.

Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4025. Was confronted by Robbie after seeing him in the Diner.

Boy who Martha chatted up in an attempt to frustrate Jack.

Innocently chatted to Tasha much to Robbie’s anger.