Episode 4081

Australian Air Date: 31st October 2005
UK Air Date: 17th April 2006
Writer: Phil Sanders, Phil Lloyd
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Martha’s emotional torment deepens as she struggles to hide her dangerous deception. Amanda sets a trap for Graham – and unwittingly places Ryan in danger in the process.

Extended Summary

Martha stands with the gun aimed, as the door swings open and a shadowy figure appears. Overwhelmed with fear, Martha pulls the trigger and fires a shot at the intruder. A familiar voice screams out in pain and Martha’s heart sinks as she switches on the light to reveal a shell-shocked Ric holding his blood-covered ear! Martha begs Ric to keep this quiet. Ric says he will on the condition that Martha gets rid of the gun! Martha promises she will. Meanwhile, Amanda’s flirting with Graham, as she lists what she wants from a man. Graham begins to become flustered –not at all sure what to make of it. He blusters that he’d better get going, and quickly takes his leave but the look on Amanda’s face shows just how pleased she is with her progress.

Dan reminds Ryan that his Mum is picking him up from school, so he knows what to do, right? Ryan gives a long suffering reply – Yes, Dad…I have to wait by the gates like always. Leah bounces in, a ball full of energy, having just finished a phone call to the IVF doctor. An appointment has come up which Leah and Dan can take! Then the happy couple share an excited kiss and embrace.

Ric tells Jack he’s doing a legal studies assignment for school, and his topic is gun law… He asks Jack questions about illegal guns. Jack answers, but as Ric moves off, Jack watches on – something’s not sitting right about the conversation… Meanwhile, Martha’s at home alone, staring at the pistol. Can she really give up something that makes her feel so powerful? Jack comes around and Martha quickly hides the gun, dropping an empty shell. Aware something’s going on, Jack asks her some leading questions, but Martha manages to divert them. Once he is gone, Martha grabs the phone – ‘Hi David. It’s the girl you sold the gun to… Listen, we need to talk…’ a little later Martha pulls up at the designated spot to meet David, the guy who sold her the pistol. Martha begs him to take the gun back, but he flat out refuses. In the distance, Jack sees the argument. He quickly jots down the number plate of David’s car and calls HQ on his radio for a name check.

Meanwhile, the kids file out of the primary school. Ryan comes out of the gates and looks around, there’s no sign of his Mum. He simply pops his bag down and sits on top of it to wait.

Graham’s bushwalking at a relatively brisk pace… Oblivious to the fact that Amanda is trailing him! An idea is ticking over her mind. She starts darting her eyes around, looking for something – then she spots an unstable-looking rocky section close by. What is she playing at? Graham hears a yelping from nearby – a female voice calling for help. He finds Amanda holding her ankle tight and tends to her – a caring man… Amanda allows herself a small smile – perfect… Graham helps a limping Amanda into the Diner. Dan asks about Ryan? Where is he? And suddenly Amanda’s face falls. Dan sees this and is instantly wary – you did pick him up from school, right? But her look shows she didn’t. Dan can’t believe his ears… He rushes to the school but there’s no sign of Ryan! Increasingly panicked and worked up he calls the Diner, where Leah jumps on the phone, eager for news! Amanda’s face falls – this can’t be happening… With dread, Colleen reminds them about the article in the paper that morning – about the strange guy hanging around the school… They take it in with dread…

Jack confronts Martha the guy she was arguing with Martha is David Knotts, her denial becomes useless when Jack bends down and lifts a single bullet shell from the floor next to the couch. Martha’s caught!

Guest Cast

Return episode, last seen in Episode #4067. Returned from a city stint to become embroilled in Dan’s fight for custody of Ryan.



Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4080. Refused to buy back Martha’s hand-gun.

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