Episode 4082

Australian Air Date: 1st November 2005
UK Air Date: 18th April 2006
Writer: Jason Herbison
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Amanda’s world is turned upside down in the wake of Ryan’s disappearance. Martha confronts her demons – but nothing will prepare her for the biggest shock of all.

Extended Summary

Jack stands before Martha, holding the bullet – you bought a gun, didn’t you? Martha goes quiet, and finally nods, shamefully. Jack shakes his head in disgust – where is it?! Martha says in the glove-box of her Ute – she tried to give it back to David but he refused to take it. Jack can’t believe she’d be so stupid. Martha starts to break down – she’s just so scared… Jack’s heart goes out to her as she breaks down in his arms.

The search for Ryan has been fruitless and Amanda is highly distressed. Dan turns on her, ripping in to her for being so damn irresponsible. Graham steps in to try to defend Amanda, pointing out that she didn’t intend to get injured… But Dan says she shouldn’t have been out in the middle of the bush in the first place when she was meant to be picking Ryan up! Amanda feels absolutely awful, and dissolves in to tears again. Dan says that would be right – turn on the waterworks…! Then a little voice from behind them breaks the moment: I’m right here… They turn to see Ryan there, backpack over his shoulder. Dan rushes to him, hugging him tight, and the others fuss as well. Is he alright?! Ryan explains that he waited, but when his Mum didn’t show up he thought he better walk. Amanda tells Ryan how sorry she is, but Ryan ignores her telling Dan that he doesn’t want to stay with Mummy tonight… Dan doesn’t think Amanda should be anywhere near Ryan! Having said his piece he leads Ryan out, leaving Amanda distressed.

Martha is reacting to Jack’s suggestion that she confront Corey – face to face. Jack can get her into the courtyard where she can talk to Corey and she can have it out with him – confront her fear. Martha’s hesitant – she’s not so sure – but Jack thinks it’s the only way to deal with her trauma. Meanwhile, Dan tells Leah that he thinks this time Amanda has gone too far and as far as he can see, there’s only one option, but it will mean postponing IVF and using the money for legal fees… Amanda’s downing a stiff drink when she turns to see…Morag standing there. Feeling superior, Morag pulls a document out of her bag and hands it to Amanda. Dan is applying for full custody of Ryan!

At the correctional facility where Corey is being held, Martha waits nervously. Jack asks if she wants him to come with her. Martha doesn’t – she swallows her fear and moves off to the courtyard holding area,where she comes face to face with Corey – who smiles at her, like he’s done nothing wrong. As Corey continues to rant and rave about his revenge, Martha suddenly loses all the fear for him –a pathetic, scared, little man. Martha leaves, thanking Jack for taking her to see Corey – she feels much better having realised how sad and powerless he really is. Now all they need to do is dispose of the gun, but when they open the glove box – it’s gone! Meanwhile, Graham spots Amanda – and can see she’s crying. Through her sobs, all Amanda can say is it’s such a mess… Bemused, Graham comforts the crying woman.

Leah’s watching TV, Dan by her side – but he’s not watching the box, he’s looking at Leah, feeling bad about postponing the IVF. After a while, Leah gives him a kiss then moves off to bed. Once she’s gone, Dan becomes thoughtful, then makes a decision. He phones Morgan Barrett – the guy who recommended the bookie last wee and asks him if he’s got any hot tips? Even as Dan asks the question he’s regretting his regression to gambling – but he’s made the call now…

Meanwhile, Amanda thanks Graham for being there for her. She meets his eyes and says that any woman would be lucky to have him by her side. Graham’s really reeling now as it’s perfectly clear to him that Amanda’s coming on to him and before he knows it she plants a passionate kiss on his lips!

Guest Cast

Final episode.



Final return appearance, last seen as a vision in Episode #4078. Was visited in jail by a traumatised Martha in an attempt to overcome her fears of him.

Showed Martha to an unhinged Corey.

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