Episode 4083

Australian Air Date: 2nd November 2005
UK Air Date: 19th April 2006
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Lewis Fitz-Gerald

Dan succumbs to his gambling demons. Amanda tightens her grasp on the unsuspecting Graham. Hayley is stunned by Scott’s life-changing proposition.

Extended Summary

Graham pulls back from Amanda’s kiss, absolutely stunned. Amanda looks deep into Graham eyes and makes it clear to him that this was no mistake from her point of view. Graham is surprised by what he perceives to be her total honesty. But then Amanda apologises for misreading the situation and rushes off. As she does, a smile grows on her lips – Is he falling in to her web? Meanwhile, Hayley and Scott arrive home from the hospital with baby Noah and Kim is a little miffed at not being involved. Before Kim can say anything, Noah starts to cry. Hayley asks Scott to grab his blanket and put it in the crib. Kim interjects – he can do that – but Scott says it’s cool. As Scott moves off with Hayley, Kim shoots a pointed look. This is not quite the way he imagined his son’s arrival home was going to be… At the club, Kim voices his frustrations to Kylie. Kylie knows something that will make him feel better and pulls a pill from her pocket… She reckons that’ll get him smiling in no time. Kim is a little tempted, but ultimately opts against it. Kylie accepts that he’s going, but gives him one full-on final pash before he disappears.

With Leah asleep in bed, Dan meets up with Dudley Shepard, the local bookie. Dan agrees to bet $2000 if Dudley can do it on credit. Dudley can – with interest, of course. Dan agrees feeling guilty, but hopeful that the gamble will pay off. Meanwhile, Graham downs another drink – still rattled by Amanda’s kiss. He tells Alf that a mate of his is having a bit of a problem – there’s a younger woman who’s interested in him and this fella is worried what people might think. Alf reckons he wouldn’t care what other people think – it’s not every day a good woman comes along.

Kim returns home to see Scott on the couch nursing baby Noah. Kim’s taken aback by the scene and says he can take baby Noah but Scott (being polite) says he doesn’t mind. Kim, however, does mind. He snaps a little, coldly reminding Scott that Noah’s his son. Later, Hayley awakes and looks into the crib to see baby Noah is not there! She races out into the living area…to see Kim, asleep on the lounge, with baby Noah in his arms. Hayley moves over to gently wake Kim, saying that he should’ve put Noah back in to the crib to sleep. Kim doesn’t want Hayley telling him how he should look after their son, insisting that if Noah needs someone to tend to him during the night – he wants it to be him not Scott. Things with Kim aren’t as cool as Hayley thought…

Amanda emerges from the gym and spots Graham. Feigning embarrassment, she keeps walking past until she hears Graham call her name. Amanda smiles – she’s got him – hook, line, sinker! Graham stumbles, awkward as he asks her if she’d like to have some morning tea with him. Amanda smiles – that would be lovely. Meanwhile, at home, Dan’s listening to the radio as his race is about to start. He waits with baited breath – as his horse is in the lead! But then, it drops back – and ends up coming second. Dan can’t believe it… Five grand down the drain! Dan phones Dudley, pleading with Dudley to cover another bet? On the other end of the phone, Dudley smiles – he knows a gambler when he sees one – and Dan is exactly that. Dan hangs up, hating himself. Amanda and Graham enjoy a morning walk. Amanda bites the bullet telling him that she knows Beth will have a problem with them being together – as well as Scott and the others – but she wants Graham to understand that she likes him a lot and she doesn’t care. But if Graham doesn’t want to do this, she’ll understand… Graham leans down and kisses her!

When they break, Amanda smiles – are you sure? Graham nods – lets keep it quiet for now, but he’s sure.

Meanwhile, Scott takes a deep breath then explains to Hayley that he’s been offered a job in Cannes, France – it sounds like everything he’s ever wanted… Hayley takes all this in as Scott officially puts the question to her: So, what do you reckon? Do you want to leave Summer Bay…?

Guest Cast


Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4069. Began dating Kim during his fight to keep Noah in the country.


Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4080. Enticed Dan into further gambling after his costly realisation of Ryan’s court case.

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