Episode 5003

Australian Air Date: 3rd February 2010
UK Air Date: 10th February 2010
Writer: Phil Lloyd
Director: Lee Rogers

Residents are interviewed for a news story as Leah and Alf struggle to deal with the impact of the riot. Will Summer Bay ever be the same again? Nicole finds out about Liam’s drug relapse.

Extended Summary

Following the race riots, a TV reporter, Patrick, is putting together a report on the Bay. He interviews Colleen, Martha, Miles and each of them give their perspectives on the Bay, with Colleen being keen to point out that not everyone in the Bay is like that. Patrick tries to interview Alf, but he is furious when he is referred to as a hero – as far as he in concerned, what he did was survival and Miles and Geoff did just as much as he did. Patrick tries to interview Liam, but he makes a hasty exit. Nicole and Aden give their thoughts to Patrick, but Aden refuses to talk about Hugo, as does Martha. Patrick shows a rough cut of the report to his superior, but she wants it punchier – she wants the story told through the eyes of the locals. She thinks Alf is the key to getting a good story.

Irene and Tony bring Leah home but she is clearly still very shaken by what has happened, and is devastated to learn that Hazem will need a lot of rehab at a hospital in the city before he recovers. Tony tells Irene that Rachel has tried to organise some counselling for Leah, but Irene isn’t sure she’ll be willing to take it. Leah insists on seeing the Diner, and Irene and Colleen join her. Leah laments that whilst the building can be repaired, it’s spirit is gone – and something else bad will no doubt happen soon enough.

Nicole is worrying about getting into uni, and Aden tries to distract her. They are interrupted by a TV report on Liam being charged with drug possession. Nicole is certain she has something to do with him reverting to drugs but Aden tries to tell her otherwise, to no avail. Aden sees Liam on the beach and apologises for letting things get out of hand. He explains to Liam how terrible Nicole feels about the drugs – despite what’s happened, Nicole still wants to be his friend. Liam goes to see Nicole, and they both apologise to each other, with Liam assuring Nicole she had nothing to do with him using again. Their friendship appears to be reconciled.

Patrick approaches Alf again at the bar but he makes his position clear – he’s got nothing further to say, and he wants Patrick to stop pestering Martha. When Alf storms off, Patrick tries to persuade Martha to get Alf to talk, but she is unsure of how successful she’ll be. Later, Liam visits Martha at the bar to apologise once again for what he said to her at the hospital. Martha, having agreed to give Patrick another interview, tries to persuade Alf it might be good for the community if he talked – but he says he’s just about had a gut-ful of the community. After filming Irene and Martha, Patrick tries again to persuade them to help him get an interview with Alf. Irene visits Alf to tell him it’s up to him if he talks to Patrick, but she’s worried about him – if not to Patrick why can’t he talk to her? He resolves that talking won’t solve any of the town’s problems. Alf heads back to the Surf Club and is angered to find Patrick there. Patrick thinks the town is in danger of falling apart, and Martha is shocked to hear Alf say that it already has. Patrick tells Alf he needs to tell the country what’s been lost – or all they’re going to remember about Summer Bay is the actions of a few drunken idiots. He seems to have struck a chord with Alf.

Later, the interview airs – with Alf stating there’s no place like Summer Bay. But given what’s happened, he feels betrayed that people from that very town to cause so much heartache to it. Irene and Colleen talk about how they feel about the Diner’s destruction. Martha tells Patrick she can understand why Alf doesn’t like being called a hero – because that insinuates some sort of victory. Alf debates that the town might have fallen asleep and not seen it coming – and he won’t close his eyes again. The community can try and make sure they don’t happen again. Patrick sums up the interview – the true strength and character of the Bay remains in its people, but it will never be the same again.

Guest Cast



This episode is set on Australia Day.

This episode is unique in that most of the story is told through a news segment.

References to Roo Stewart.

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